25 March 2008

Movie review# 4

27 Dresses, was nice I didn't regret watching it. Produced in 2008.
Genre: Romance/Comedy

The Mist, I watched the thriller when I was in Bahrain a month ago but I didn't watch it until I came back to Kuwait. Produced in 2007.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror/Suspense

BUG, I watched the thriller too in Bahrain and thank God I didn't watch it in theater (I watched later in Kuwait)...Don't get me wrong I love Ashley Judd but this movie was a disaster, the weird thing about this movie...It was nominated for an award and won one!. Produced in 2007.
Genre: Thriller/Horror/Drama

Just Shoot Me! is a 7 seasons TV show produced between 1997 - 2003, I can't love Nina Van Horn (Wendie Malick) enough, she is hilarious.
The TV show won several awards and was nominated for others.
Genre: Comedy. It's about employees working in a fashion magazine.

Malcolm in the middle, I am still watching it and I love it...I already watched most of the episodes on TV and now I am re-watching them. The show was produced in 2000 - 2006.
Genre: Comedy. it's about a family of a father, mother and 4 crazy boys LOL
Totally worth watching :D

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