19 July 2008

In the past few days album

I honestly didn't expect anything about this album, I thought it was going to be a "Ma Etrohsh Ba'ed" album deplicate but it wasn't at all!

I do love "Ma Etrohsh Ba'ed" album don't miss understand me but this album reminds me of the old Latifa, Latifa of the 80s and 90s...

I loved most of the songs in the album if not all of them (13 songs in the CD and 12 in the cassette), it took me awhile to get it, I usually hate every album I listen to for the first time.

I can't pick one song as the best song in the album, each song has it's own beauty...But I am sure that the song "Fil Kam Yom illi Fato" (In the past few days) is going to make a HIT if it didn't already!
The song mixes extreme Westurn music with Extreme Arab music teqniqyes and instruments in a great harmony....That's what I call Music Globalization.

One of my super favorite songs in the album is "Sibny Shuwaya" (Leave me alone for a while), i also loved "Ya Aghla Qalb" (The most precious heart", "Ana Omri Ma Hansak" (I will never forget you), "Low Fakir" (If you remember), "Beyikthib" (He is lieing), "Konna Zaman" (We used to be), "Rohi Betrod Fiya" (My soul returns to me), "Fakir Eh" (Do you think).

I am still listening to the album and finding new songs that I might love, but I think it does worth buying.

I made the video below almost 2 weeks ago, enjoy :)

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Anonymous said...

احلى مافي هــ المدونه انت وذكرى ربي يرحمها ويسكنها الجنه واصل يالغالي