07 July 2008


سويت الفيديو اللي فوق شوفوه حلو و الا لأ؟
I just made the video above, let me know if you like it or not.

الاغنية صخر...طريقة الغنا طربية عربية بحتة قرار مع غيتار روك على موسيقى كمنجة شرقية مع ايقاع غربي بالخلفية
The song is amazing, it mixes both Arab Tarab (singing technique) with westurn music


Shams said...

Latifa rockss!! her new single is just AWESOME
Your video is great but maybe a little too slow at the beginning

radiantguy.com said...

I ment to make people thinks what is this and be curious about it :S
I know it's long but i ment to make it that wayfor the reason above :D