18 December 2007

Yasmin 2007 Shaklak Ha Tohshni

Many albums released recently but I didn't had a chance to review all of them, one of the albums is Yasmin's.

My favorite song of the album is "Bi Amanah" (To be honest) بأمانة NO wonder it's written by Hani Abdulkareem and composed by Walid Sa'ad :)

Songs I like of the album:

1- Bi Amanah (To be honest) بأمانة
2- Hott Nafsak Fi Makani (Be in my shoe) حط نفسك في مكاني
3- Hashofak Etha (I will see you if) ح اشوفك إذا
4- Ma De'eftish Osado (I didn't reveal my weakness to him) ما ضعفتش قصاده
5- Mish Momkin Tekon Insan (You are not human) مش ممكن تكون إنسان

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