18 December 2007

Rayan 2007 Wain Brouh

My most recent addiction is Rayan's 2oo7 album, until now I loved more than half the album; to me that's a success :)

Rayan (ريان) has a powerful voice, I liked him when I listen to some of his songs last album, he recently released this album so I wanted to share it with all my blog's readers if there is any LOL

It's true that the intro of the title song "Wain Brouh" (Where should I go) sounds like a Turkish song called "Istanbul Istanbul Olali" by "Husnu Senlendirici" but it doesn't matter because both of them sounds amazing!

The album contains 8 songs, most favorite songs will be on the top:

1- "Ma Haram" (Is that fair?) ما حرام
2- "Athabi Merafiqni" (My torture accompanies me) عذابي مرافقني
3- "Wain Brouh" (Where should I go?) وين بروح
4- "Allah Ma'ak" (May God be with you) الله معك
5- "Bism El Hawa" (n the name of love) بإسم الهوى
6- "Ya Habeebi" (My beloved one) يا حبيبي
7- "Ha Allimak" (I will teach you) ح أعلمك
8- "Ghasban Anni" (Against my will) غصباً عني

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