02 August 2007

Today, 17 years ago...

Today, 17 years ago...
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On 2nd of August 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait...At the time I was 8 years old (currently I am 14 years old) yet I do remember certain things vividly.
17 years ago I wake up around 10 A.M., I found my family all a wake and looking through the windows, when I asked what's wrong?
They said Iraq invaded us...I looked through the window and I saw columns of smoke everywhere raising in the sky with bombing noise which I already heard earlier but I didn't know what was it at the time.

I do remember that day when my father came back home with my brother, a bullet almost
hit his car's tire.

I also remember my aunt (my mother's sister), she used to record stuff from TV and get them to us so we can watch it, because their house is closer to Saudi Arabia so they can get better TV signals, she used to write "Om Kalthoum" (She is a dead singer) on the VHS tapes to pass through the Iraqi check points.

I also remember when the Iraqi army blown up more than 600 oil fields (more than 1 billion barrels were either spilled in the sea or burned), the sky at 1 P.M. was more like 1 A.M. except there was no moon or stars!

The photo above of my uncle, he wrote our names on the missile as a gift from us to the army of Saddam.

The photo below is a snapshot from Kuwait TV (As seen on many Kuwaiti patriotic songs), my father was driving a school bus with almost everybody in our neighborhood on board, we had a road trip on the liberation day (26th of February 1991) to the north, I am the one in red.

Currently If you visited Kuwait, You will not
realize that a war took place here.

الله يحفظ الكويت و شعبها


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Allah ye7f6' el-kuwait wel5aleej, Ameen!

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