11 August 2007


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What a great weekend...
It begun with a car accident and then I had to extract my wisdom tooth, yeah yeah I do have 4 of them although I am still 14 years old :Pp!

It begun when I felt like electric pulses are moving from my gum to my brain, it's hurts like hell...I thought it was because of the route canal treatment I had months ago.
So I went to the dentist and he checked the x-rays of the tooth but he said that it was fine, i replied if it was fine why it hurts like hell?
So...He used a metallic tool to bang on my tooth, then he asked if it hurts?
I said well, I feel nothing because I just had 3 different kinds of pain killers LOL

He asked me to take a second x-ray for my both jaws and I did, and that's when I noticed the wisdom tooth was pressing on my other teeth :+

Plus 3/4 of it was buried in the gum so I had to preform a surgery to extract it :(
Then he told me that I have big teeth and my wisdom tooth didn't find enough space to pop up correctly and now it's pressing against my nerve. And that probably the reason of my 2 years old - constant - headache which I already had an appointment for on 20th of August in the nerve hospital but I probably will not go.

Anyway way I had an appointment to extract it and I just did, I could open my mouth widely for the next 48 hours....Currently I have a endless pain, 2 stitches in my gum and a tiny headache.

From now on I will make sure to brush my teeth 987324082932 times instead of 3 times a day!


Anonymous said...

Awaiting your picture updates on Flickr :)

radiantguy.com said...

Well...Recently I am not in the mood for photography LOL
Thanks for the comments :)