26 August 2007


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I passed by that place zillion times and in each time I wanted to stop to snap some shots but I never did until now when I bought my first DSLR I though to do it.

So for the last 3 weeks I wanted to go in early morning to photograph that place but I had no company, eventually I decided to do it alone on last weekend.

I think this was the most dangerous photo session I ever did...I had to stop on a highway during the night, I thought a car would hit me or a sniper would shot me any second LOL

That is a secure area surrounded with two high voltage fences, it's a huge area to the point that I couldn't even take several photos of it to make a panorama of it, it's located in south of Kuwait and contains a port (Shu'aiba port) which serves the South part of Kuwait city, Aromatics factory, Oil refinery, EQUATE petrochemicals Co., Kuwait national petroleum company and others...It looks way prettier in real life than that photo but I just couldn't do it because (as far as I think) it's not ok to take photos there and I couldn't resist it :D

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