06 December 2006

Who is radiant guy? [radiant biography]

If you don't like reading you can watch this video to know me
إذا لا تحب القراءة تستطيع مشاهدة هذا الفيديو للتعرف علي

I already wrote some stuff about me in many sites/profiles such as flickr, hi5, Latifaonline, blogger, wikipedia...Etc
But I decided to blog everything about me (and keep updating it) then post the link in my profiles, since it will make it easier for me.

Now I'll write more about me in details, I know it's will make some people bored to death LOL
on the other hand others would like to know more about me...So there you go :D

Radiant ZOOM'N:I really hate it when people judge me on the way I look, I am more than what you can see through your eyes...
I am a guy who feels that no matter what I do I always could do better, no matter what I reach I would like to reach farther, I do not believe in borders, I would like to reach beyond the edge of infinity!
I have a great enthusiasm and ambition which sometimes I feel that my tiny mind can not tolerate it anymore.
I am this kind of guys who is thinking of a 6 zillion things while I am working on 11 billion others at the same time…Sometimes I feel that my life time won't be enough to fulfil everything I want, despite the fact if it's doable or not but others I get bored and do nothing at all!
I am trying to be perfect but I am just a regular human being.
I prefer to have 3 best friends than having a 1000 friend.
You might find tons of my self portraits but I am not self centered at all, it's just hard to find models around here plus it's my biography remember?

I've been told that I have a great sense of humor but you can't see that part of me unless I was comfortable with you or in a good mood since I am a moody guy.


Radiant Name:
Bashar Al-Ba'noon

Radiant Age:
25 but I always tell people that I am 12 LOL
D.O.B. 23rd of July 1982
Please make that our little secret...Hush :Pp~

Radiant Family:
Kuwaiti father and mother, I have 1 sister and 5 brothers (including one step brother); I am number 5 for my father and 4 for my mother.

Radiant colour/color:
I love all of them, I think they complete each others but that does not mean that I don't love one colour more than the others :Pp~
I always loved Green, I think baby Green and baby blue looks great together; don't they?

Radiant Hobbies:
I can not conclude all my hobbies but here is a short list:
Movies, Shopping, Science, Computers, Graphics/Photo editing, Photography, Music, Communication, Reading (depends on the mood), Painting (used to but not anymore), the beach, fashion, modeling (I don't think I am good looking but I like it because it's fun), Singing (That's doesn't mean I have great voice; a flying cat could cough and make prettier voice than mine), translating...I have many hobbies I can't recall them all now but I'll add them whenever I remember any.

Radiant Music/Singers:
I love music, powerful poetry, lyrics, beats and beautiful voices...I rarely listen to non Arab music but I do like few of them.
My favorite singers are:

- Latifa
- Asalah
- Thekra
- Sherine

- Angham
- Najwa Karam
- Diana Haddad
- Samira Said
- Elissa
- Maya Nasri- Rayan

- Baha'a Al Kafey
- Laila Ghofran
- Raja'a Belmaleeh
- Majida Al Roomi
- Dina Hayek
- Saber Rebai
- Adam
- Baha'a Sultan
- Micheline Khalifeh
- Madeleine Matar
- Guitara (Kuwaiti band)
- Nawal (The Kuwaiti one)
- Nora Rahhal
- Amal Maher
- Fadl Shaker (Has the warmest male voice)
- Assi Al Hallni
- Ahmad Al Huraibi (I love his voice)

- Dania (I adore her song Laily)
- Shiref Mekkawi

- Tarkan (Turkish singer, loved him since he released his English album "Come closer" in the year 2006)
- Ricky Martin (I like few of his songs)
- Thalia (I like few of her songs)

Radiant Movies:
Hello, my names is Bashar and I am a movies addict LOL
I love to watch movies alot, comedy, horror, suspense, sometimes drama, romance and rarley historical movies...I don't like to watch Arab nor Bollywood movies but sometimes I do.

Here is a list of my favorite movies:
V For Vendetta, Gothica, The exorcism of Emily Rose, Madagascar, Five Fingers, You've Got Mail, While you were sleeping, Sound of Music, Failure to Launch, A Time to Kill, Below, ace ventura, Mrs. doubtfire, She is the man, White Chicks, Charlie's Angels, My super ex-girlfriend, Saw 1,2 and 3, Miss Congeniality 1 & 2, Crash, Half light, The Holiday, Babel, The gurdian, The Devil wear Prada, Dream girls...And the list goes on (I'll add more of them as soon as I remmeber them).

Radiant Actress/Actors:
Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Cathrine Zeta Jones, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Hanks, Ryan Phillippe, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Hal Sparks, Gale Harold, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Peter Paige, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Queen Latifah, Jim Carry, Robin Williams,Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Christy Ally,Meg Ryan, Reese Witherspoon...Etc

Radiant Painting:
I always loved colours and painting but I quit painting longtime ago, currently I prefer computer graphics and photo editing.

Radiant Graphics:
I've been working in graphics since the year 1999 using PSP5 (Paint shop pro), it's a similar program to photoshop, then I used PSP8, PSP9, PSPX and now PSPXI.

Here is a list of my photo editing programs:
- Paint shop pro 5, 8, 9, X & XII
- Photomatix
- Mazaika
- Photoshop
- Picasa

Radiant Photography:
The greatest part of photography that you can show others the way you look to things :: Or you could say a photographer let people to see things through his own eyes!
I think photography and photo editing are parallel.

I started taking photos awhile ago but I didn't realise that I like it until recently...My first own camera was my old camera phone (Nokia 6230i), then I had my second camera phone (Nokia 7610) and that's when I realised that I have a thing for photography but I didn't notice it until someone saw my work and told me that I shouldn't waste my talent...That was in the year 2005.
Later I found out about flickr.com, so I created my own account in July 2005 to post my stuff but I wasn't real active until October 2005.

In May 2006 I had my first digital camera Panasonic FX-01 which I drooped manytimes and that's why I had to wait for almost 2 months to be fixed LOL

I had tons of messages, comments and PMs from people telling me (Well...You are not a photographer because you post process your photos digitally).
I've never considered my self a professional, semi or a beginner photographer.
I call my self a PHOTOGRAFIXIST!
Yeah Yeah I know another new word created by me.

PHOTOGRAFIXIST = Photography + Graphics + Fixing + "ist"

My photography gadgets:
- Panasonic FX-01 (cheap point and shot camera)
- Sony Ericsson K800i (camera phone | sometimes when I don't have my camera I use it)
- Nokia 7610 (camera phone | I don't use it anymore)
I will get a DSLR as soon as possible (like one century soon LOL)

Radiant school is Cool, NOT LOL:
I graduated from high school in the year 2000, actually I had chickenpox at age 17 (that's when I started my fan site about Latifa) so I drooped course. I think I graduated in January 2001...Anyway after graduation I joined Kuwait universitly "Faculty of Science" to major in Computer Science but after 1 year and a half I QUIT when I found out that I hate programming more than cleaning my own room LOL
Anyway I looked for my options and my choices...I ended up studying Computer Science" anyway!
Like If it was my destiny :(
I was ment to learn programming, I have no idea why but at least now I like it more than cleaning my room LOL
So, I have "Computer Science" DIPLOMA....I am not sure If I am going to complete my studies but currently I am not thinking about it.

Radiant Latifa:
As I said earlier, I had chickenpox at age 17...So I had to stay home and that's when I thought to create my first site in the year 1999.
It was a fan site about Latifa the singer; it's could been about Thekra (may her soul rest on peace) or Asalah you can...Currently I work in Latifa's official site read more details about it here.


Radiant brands:
Energie and Primo Emporio are my favorite clothing labels.
Puma is my favorite foot wear brand
Google is my favorite company online, I can not express my love to google no matter how many times I said so, they are very creative.
Panasonic is my favorite electronics brand, I loved them since the day my father bought me one great Panasonic walkman in the year 1995, I don't hate Sony though but they are always my second choice.
Sony Ericsson is my favorite cell phone label, Nokia used to be my favorite one until I experienced my current camera phone Sony Ericsson K800i ;)
If one day I bought a digital SLR, it's would be a Nikon D80 or Canon 400D.

Radiant Cartoons:
- Al Sanafir aka The Smurfs
- Grendizer
- Sahib Al Thil Al Taweel
- Marocco LOL
- Tom & Jerry
- Hekayat Alamiyah
- Tamtoom Wo Abtal Al Rawdhah Al Khadra'a
- Mazinger Z
- Lahn Al Hayah aka Sound of Music
- Dexter's laboratory
- Salahif Al Ninja aka Ninja Turtles
- Voltron

Radiant lifetime shocks:
- Death of my uncle (mother's brother)
- Death of my grand mother (my mother's)
- Death of Sana'a Younis (the actress)

Radiant time:
Dawn is my favorite time during the day, I love how the dusk looks but I feel that someone is pressing against my chest during it. I don't know why.

Radiant perfume:

At the moment I own two blogs

I co-webmaster

I contribute in
Wikipedia.org | The Free Encyclopedia.

Note. This post will be updated every now and then :)

I am out of English vocabulary so enough with the big words LOL
Bashar (aka radiant guy)


Anonymous said...

Wow - that's great wasy to spread your love and peace to the world!
Go for it!

radiantguy.com said...

WooHooo :D

Anonymous said...

well I came across your website by google, and I found your website pretty interesting and cool I must say thekra, asala, laila ghoufran, hussien al jasmi and more are my favorites, and I hope you get some time to post the lyrics in Arabic inshaallah, and am going to tell all my friends in New York to check your website I think is TOP!
From Myriam K

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am an Iranian girl. I was searching for mix Iranian and Arabic song and came across your blog. I love your blog. Please continue your good work. I love Arabic music. I believe it is so rich with all the instruments that they use. Love it, love it. I will be checking your blog ofetn. So long:)

Anonymous said...

me too i come here by google and in searching for thekra songs.
It is really a pleasure to discover your blog, i love it, i love the music. i don't know but it seems like its me who have choose these songs.
its nabil tunisian studant from france

radiantguy.com said...

Myriam K Thanks for your comment Inshalla from now and on I will keep writing the lyrics in Arabic script too :)
Thanks for the promotion ;)

Anonymous/Iranian girl Glad to know that you loved it, Inshalla I will keep it up all time ;)

Anonymous/Nabil of Tunisia I loved most of her songs may her soul rest in peace...But those songs are the closest ones to my heart...The touched me truly...I use to be addicted on them.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I see a lot of me in you! But I’m kind of older! Still I have to say I’m glad to see such talents as you coming from KW! I left KW about 10 years ago… Thank you for the comment you left on my blog! :D

I am happy I found your blog by a mistake! A very good mistake!!! ;)

radiantguy.com said...

ًWoooHooo :D
You see alot of me in you? Do you have a goatee too? LOL
The last phrase you wrote made me blush :">

Unknown said...

I am in need of some help in searching for Songs from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iran. I teach music in the public schools and have never taught any songs from the Middle East. At the moment I am having a bit of trouble finding what I need. I am teaching grades 4 and 5 and need something short that a class could learn and do well. Any help you might be able to offer would be really appreciated. I want to represent the music well, but i also want to give the students a chance to succeed in singing the songs as well. thanks!


radiantguy.com said...

delcuj1> yes sure, I could help...But I have no idea how to contact you :+

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Merci pour tout.
j'adore ton blog, sa mise en forme, son ergonomie... par dessus tout j'adore tes gouts musicaux parcequ'ils me rappellent les miens ( à l'excpetion de latifa, j'aime pas trop sa voix meme si on vient d'un meme pays). j'adore thekra, je venere assala et bamout fi saber.
alors continue ainsi cher ami, ton blog est une merveille.
Tunisian nabil

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you that you're doing an amazing job.
I'm a big fan of Arabic music since almost 6 years ago and day by day i'm loving it more.

P.S: Could you translate "Latifa - Fel Kam Youm Elli Fato" lyrics in English, specially for those who can't speak Arab?

Thanks :)

Laila said...

I'm Laila from Indonesia.
U can tell me about laila ghufran in english (lik biography,etc). because i can't find news about her. i love her voice, cause she have different vocal arabic female singer. so I hope u help me..
you know about her lyrics ? it's difficult for me to search lyrics, maybe she is one of not popular artist in Middle-East.

my email : firoch_2609@yahoo.com

Thanks Before...
Salam from Indonesia

Anonymous said...

Hi Bashar, The Radiant Guy ! lol

I'm a french boy, so excuse for my very bad english expression.
I just discover your blog now, it is a very good blog.

I love arabic music too, and like you, I love Latifa, Samira Said and Assala particulary...

For finish, i just want say that the song of the summer 2008 is "Fil Kam Youm Elli Fatou" by Latifa !

Good continuation guy !

radiantguy.com said...

Oh thanks that's so sweet of you :)
I love Samira and Asalah too ;)

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