04 December 2006

My baby GIRL is BACK...WooHooo :D

Technically it's Panasonic's girl not mine LOL
She is baaaaaaaack, I'll never droop her on the head again LOL
I am happy....I am going to sing to her LOL

Albi Ya Leeli Ya 3eeni Ya Laili Fe Halat Hob
Taaaaa Raaaaaaaaaa
Di Camerti Ba3d Ma olt Nesitni Reg3atli Fe 7ob
Taaaaa Raaaaaaaaaaaa

I know what you are going to say...I really should clean my mirror but I will not, I am to excited to clean, i should save my power for greater stuff, like brushing my teeth to keep them shiny for instance LOL


Jacqui said...

Aww your Digi Cam is a girl and mine is a boy but my boy is younger! Shall we hook them up?

radiantguy.com said...

Naaah I can't, mine still in highschool, she want to complete her studies LOL