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07 November 2006

It's raining WATER Hallelujah!

Still did not believe that winter already started in Kuwait :D
Woohoooo :S
It's still hot here but last week it's started to rain, I thought someone was spitting on my car LOL
It's getting cooler now, on my way to work the temperature reached 20s around 9 A.M.!
That is weird in Kuwait :\

P.S. My camera still broken, that's why I am using my camera phone :(
the photo looks great considering it was taken using a camera phone, isn't it?

06 October 2006


Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
Probably you all noticed that I have a thing for night shots, moons and stars.
I am not a vampire though LOL

Ya Laili (means my night) is a widley used word in the Arab world songs, It's doesn't really refer to the night it self; I think it's refer to the emotions of the night such as sleepless, romance, silence...Etc

Check my music blog for some translated songs ;)

19 September 2006


Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
Still didn't get used to my laptop's monitor, the colors and the lights looks the way I want it but when I check it out using my old PC monitor the colors looks different :(

30 August 2006


It's just weird the way you feel when you smell a perfume, The way a smell assigned to your emotions...
Sometimes you wear a specific perfume for awhile; later whenever you smell it somewhere else you'll just remember those days when you started wearing that perfume the first time, the emotions you felt at that time and those memories just wake up!
Despite whether they were happy memories or sad.

This is my favorite perfume :">