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15 October 2011

Reverse Bungee Jumping in Brighton, UK

One of the most liberating and fun experiences I had, just the next one after my brain surgery LOL
P.S. That screaming girl-a-like voice is not mine.

من أكثر التجارب المحررة و الممتعة في حياتي بعد عملية المخ لووول
ملاحظة: صوت الصراخ اللي تسمعونه مو صوتي

21 September 2011

British Practical Joke!

 Ok I was in UK for around 3 weeks and here is the last thing happened to me, I might later write and upload more photos depends on my mood :P

I was on the way from London to Brighton late night, It was a long night we were lost with the busses and my friend just fall a sleep the moment we got in the train…I was bored to death and those guys next to me - who left on Gatewik station - did that to their sleeping friend; they honestly made my day LOL


كنت في المملكة المتحدة لمدة 3 اسابيع تقريبا، ممكن اكتب اكثر عن الموضوع و احط صور بعدين حسب المزاج
كنت في الطريق من لندن إلى برايتون في آخر الليل بعد رحلة طويلة من التوهان بالباصات، رفيجي نام او ما ركبنا القطار و كانوا يمي شلة قاعدين يهزأون ربعهم و اهمه نايمين…صج مشولي الوقت لوول

25 December 2009

Thailand 2009

It was a sudden trip to Thailand, I didn't plain it at all...My friends booked in August, at the time I just came back from Hannover, Germany where I had my surgery and the doctor recommended 2 months off any professional work so I spent it all at home doing nothing...It was boring to tears, the headaches are still coming every now and then but it wasn't as bad as it used to be before the surgery.

كانت رحلة مفاجأة، ما كنت مخطط لها بالمرة...ربعي كانوا حاجزين من شهر 8، وقتها كنت توه راجع من رحلة علاج في هانوفر بألمانيا و كان الدكتور موصيني بشهرين من الراحة و كنت طول هالمدة قاعد بالبيت ما أسوي شي...كان حد الملل، الصداع ايي و يروح بس كان وايد أحسن من قبل العملية.

After spending those two months at home, I decided to have 3 more weeks off work because I didn't want to rush into it; why not having 2 or 3 more weeks?!...After all my surgery was performed in my brain not my leg or arm.

بعد هالثلاث شهور من العملية، قررت آخذ إجازة اسبوعين ثلاث من الدوام ما كنت ابي استعيل على الرجعة خصوصاً إن العملية كانت بمخي مو بريلي و الا ايدي.

I spent the first 10 days at home BORED but my friends kept brining the travel thing...I thought I do really need some recreation time, I said OK i will see if there is a place for me on the airplane and it was the last seat.
I did go to Thailand for the first time in my life...It's cool to do things without plaining them, it's more fun.

قعدت أول 10 أيام في البيت زهقان و ربعي كانوا اييبون الموضوع جدامي...قلت يبيلي وقت ترفيه و كان الكرسي اللي حجزته اخر كرسي فاضي بالطياره.
رحت تايلند أول مرة بحياتي...حلو إنك تسوي شي ما تكون مخططله.

So we stayed in Phuket where we went to many trips such as Phi Phi island, James Bond island, Coral island and rafting...Phuket was amazing, but later we went to Bangkok and I really hated it, there is nothing to do over there except shopping and that can be done in Kuwait.

قعدنا في بوكت و رحنا رحلات وايد حق جزيرة في في، جيمس بوند، جزيرة كورال و رحلة التجديف...بكوت كانت حلوة بس بعدين رحنا بانكوك و كانت مو حلوة...ما كان في شي نسويه غير التسوق و هالشي نقدر نسويه بالكويت.

The photo above is my first panorama photo ever, I know it's not that good; I need to practice more.

الصورة اللي فوق عبارة عن أول بانوراما صورتها بحياتي...أدري إنها مو مضبوطة و يبيلي أتدرب أكثر.

30 May 2009

My trip to Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Shaikh is a city in Sinai, Egypt located on the red sea known best for corals and sea life.
I honestly thought it's just like flat, hot and dusty just like Kuwait but I didn't really expect what I saw...I was there from 29th of April 2009 until 9th of May 2009, everybody I knew told me that's a long period to spend over there but after spending all those 10 days yet I think it's not enough for a first time.

Going back on time, I packed my bag with plenty of tanktops, swimwear, shorts, snorkel, a diving mask and a water proof case for my digital SLR camera which I ordered online.

Until then I had no clue that I'll comeback to Kuwait with a new hobby which is Snorkeling.

I've done plenty of fun things over there, I went to many different locations and of course I've taken tons of photos...The only sucky thing about was me being the photographer so I don't get many photos of me :(

Cleopark (which is a water park) was fun although there is a larger water park called Aqua park but I didn't know it until one day before going back to Kuwait.

I went to many cruises where I had the chance to snorkeling in the open sea and enjoy the corals and colored fish , one was to Ras Mohammed, one to the blue hole (which was my favorite spot) we took a 4*4 car then a camel (that was a scary ride) and thrid one was to Tiran island where I almost drowned because I was exuasted from last day's trip so I spent the rest of the trip sleeping *blushes* LOL

The only things I regret:
- Sleeping when we got closer to the recked ship on Tiran island cruise
- Not going to Aqua Park (the large one)

29 April 2009

Vacation Time :)~

If you looked on the left side of the photo carefully, you'll notice an island :D

I loved the original photo, I just had to change the colors a bit, don't ask why because I have no idea LOL

I am sick and sleepy, had a headache for 5 days, just packed my bag and I am going to sleep now like a road kill...I hope that I don't miss my flight.

Smell ya later :Pp

17 August 2008

One long blog

I didn't know what to call this blog...
I haven't been so active blogger recently because I've been away (Tunisia) then I cameback and I kinda lost my track of time...Now I'll take you back to my birthday on 23rd of July 2008...

ما كنت ادري شنو اسمي "هالتدوينة"...
صارلي فترة مو نشيط بالكتابة عشان كنت مسافر تونس و لما رجعت كان وقتي خربان...الحين باخذكم ورا ليوم عيد ميلادي 23 يوليو (7)2008...

On my birthday, I wake up (late to work of course) and I had a headache as usual, on my way to work I had a flat tire...It was more like a tiny explosion...I called my father to get me his car and take mine because I didn't want to mess my clothes up...He just yelled at me as usual...

يوم عيد ميلادي قمت من النوم متأخر كالعادة عالشغل و انا بالطريج بنشرت سيارتي (كان اقرب حق انفجار صغير من انه بنشر عادي)...المهم دقيت على ابوي عشان ايبلي سيارته و ياخذ سيارتي مابي اوصخ هدومي و انا متأخر...و سمعني شعر كالعادة...

At work, my supervisor told me why are you late today?
I replied: It's my birthday and I had a flat tire but I have no idea if she believed me or not LOL

في الشغل، مسؤولتي قالتلي ليش متأخر اليوم؟
قلتلها: اليوم عيد ميلادي و بنشجرت سيارتي بس مادري صدقت و الا لأ :\

I almost had a fight with a guy at work, but usually I just walk away before I reach the point were I lose it.

و انا هناك بقيت اتخانق مع واحد حمار حشاكم بس نوعيتي انا لما اعصب امشي عشان ما اظل لي الاخر و انسى نفسي...عشان ما اقلبها فلم saving private rayan

At night, my sister came we had some cake and I left to the airport because I had to go to Tunisia.

في الليل اختي يت و كلينا كيك و بعدين رحت المطار على طول عشان كنت بروح تونس.

Tunis | تونس

In Tunisia, I met people who I knew since the year 2000 online, through phone and SMS (text msgs) for the first time (including Latifa).

في تونس...قابلت ناس كنت اكلمهم من سنة 2000 في الانترنت، و بالتلفون و المسجات للمرة الأولى من ضمنهم لطيفة.

Details later...التفاضيل بعدين

Yesterday I went to the beach with some friends,I slipped on a rock and I had a cut on my sole...Today I was late to work (again) and my supervisor asked me why?
I said: My sole hurts...See?
At the time, my wound wasn't covered.

امس رحت البحر مع ربعي و زلقت على صخرة و انشقت قاعة ريلي...إتأخرت اليوم عالشغل و قالتلي مسئولتي ليش تأخرت اليوم؟
قلتلها: ريلي تعورني..شوفي لووول
بوقتها الجرح ما كان لابس هدوم :+

This is to show you how unlucky I am:(
هذا بس عشان تعرفون ان بختي مايل نفس القلاصات اللي شريتهم من تونس :(

انكسر واحد منهم و انا طالع من الفندق و رايح المطار زلقت و طحت على اعزيزويي زين ما انكسر اهوه بعد

11 August 2008

I am back!

Well it's been more than two weeks since my last post, that's because I had a vacation to Tunisia and then I finally had the chance to meet Latifa 5 times within 9 days; I am not going to talk about this now, but maybe later in details with photos and videos :Pp~

I super hate the police men in their airport because they made me forget two posters I've got from there :(
They made me go back and forth many times and that's why I forgot them :(

كرهوني بعمري شرطة مطار تونس قرطاج....حتى في بوكي طلوا اللي يقول الحين اسكت عملتهم بالسما...فتشوني بمطارهم أكثر من ما تفتشت بمطار الكويت و انا راجع من تونس...بس هم شفت لطيفه 5 مرات في 9 ايام و هذا كافي :Pp¬

I think the clock above is the landmark of Tunis (the capital not the country), even while I was taking that photo police men were standing by me because their ministry of interior was just on the other way.

One more thing...Yeah I had fun since I had the chance to meet Latifa 5 times within 9 days (In case you didn't read the first lines).

انا اعتبر الساعة اللي فوق علامة في تونس العاصمة (مثل ابراج الكويت في الكويت)...حتى و انا قاعد اصور هالساعة كان واقف يمي شرطي عشان كانت وزارة الداخلية مالتهم بظهري...حمدلله و الشكر مادري شلون بصور بظهري!

انا رديت لكم أخيرا...قرت عينكم :P