19 April 2008

The eye

I am NOT what I am!

The eye was the last movie I watched, I also watched the original chinese movie longtime ago but I totally forgot about it but it poped in my head back while I was watching the American version of the movie.

I like it but I think the Chinese one is more sad than the American one


Anonymous said...

i watched it it was ok didn't like it that much, the last movie i watched was awake and i really liked the idea o the movie the way it was actually acted out you start the movie with something and it ends with something else really good

radiantguy.com said...

Awake is in my todo list :D

It's kinda weird but I liked the Chinese "The eye" more than the American one, I have no idea what's up with Americans and Chinese horror movies :S

Anonymous said...

haven't seen the chinese version but i'm not a big fan of horror movies unless its a really good movie with a really good story line :P

the reason that the american version is not as good as the chinese is that usually remakes and sequels aren't as good as the original

radiantguy.com said...

Well I like horror movie if they were about ghosts and paranormal stuff.

I think there is an exception for the sequels with the movie "SAW". I loved every single part of it :D