11 April 2008

Indefinite/Definite information

I probably already talked about these songs before but recently I've been listening to them again and again so I thought to re-post.

They are two separated twin songs, the first one (Indefinite information) is about when a person break a part with someone but s/he not really sure if it's really the end.

The second one (Definite information) s/he is sure now that they don't want to be around anymore.

The first song was the first track in the album and the second one is the last track in the album (11th track in the Arab version and 13th track in the international version).

Both songs shares the exact composition except the arrangement is different, the first song is classic played with a piano mostly while the second one is played with a Guitar only except in the last part when she says: "Dear God help me get away of his love, he turned my life to air! (Air is a figure speech)....Dear God support me his love doesn't make me happy anymore, I beg you don't let us get back to each others".

Here is a the first song (Indefinite information - معلوما مش أكيدة):

And here is a montage of the second one (Definite information - معلومات أكيدة):

Here is the singer (Latifa) talking about the twin songs:

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