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22 September 2019

#mynationalanthem | #نشيدي_الوطني

You know how sometimes you talk to someone and everything that comes of their mouth sounds like something you might feel or say if you were good at expressing your self with words?

Not everything of course have to be expressing my exact feelings, but it's nice to know that others might have thoughts that could align with yours, knowing that they might think the same way you think, it sort of makes you feel less lonely...Specially if it was told or written in a poetic way.

Sometimes that happens to me when hear certain words or phrases said by others, or when I listen to certain songs, new or an old one that I never heard before...I get so touched by it and it's stuck in my head listening to it over and over and over again, and that could last for weeks...

Most of the time because It touches me on so many levels, the music or maybe an instrument in it...Or the lyrics sometimes expresses a way I felt or feel in the most beautiful way I could've imagined, or maybe an idea I've never thought of before but if I would have written it my self, it would be in that exact words/way...It could also be certain feelings I have because of the way the singer brought the words to life.

I call each of those songs #mynationalanthem (#نشيدي_الوطني)

So in the future if you see any of my posts with the hashtag #mynationalanthem (#نشيدي_الوطني) , and you are into songs with lyrics such as "who let the dog out who who who who" or "who run the world, girls"...Just don't bother and read anything I ever post.

Keep in mind that my national anthem are things that I didn't write my self but they are my translations, things I write my self will not have that hashtag and I am always referring to them as "living words" and since they are original content I am assuming they I don't have to point it out