03 June 2010

Today, a year ago...

The other day I was looking at the calendar on my desk at work, I thought 3rd of June is linked to something but I wasn't sure what is it exactly; and then it hit me...
It's the day when I wrote the following post which was saved as a draft a year ago...I never published it nor shared it with anybody else because at the time I was really depressed and I thought what I wrote would make people who cares about me feel bad.

NOTE. The following doesn't reflects the way I feel now, so don't get emotional :)

Until now, I never shaved my head, break a bone, had a surgery and been stitched in my life...Appearntly I will do it all at once soon...Ironic huh?

3rd of June 2009; This is the day I found out about it and it's the day I wrote this post, but I am not going to publish it yet because most of my family members doesn't know about it yet...I am still trying to find a proper way to tell them.

Going back to a previous post when I had CT scan and the doctor looked at it, I did read the radiologist report and I knew that something didn't look right but I didn't know what was it exactly because I am not familer with medical terms, the doctor said nothing about it expect asking me to have an MRI to get more details.

I went back later to let the Doctor look at my MRI, so I headed to the clinic to have another appointment (that was on 28th of May 2009 I guess) and my appointment was on 3rd of June 2009.

My brother in law has a friend who is a brain surgeon, so he asked me to come with him and meet the doctor (off the record) before my actual appointment with the other doctor...And I accepeted.

He didn't really take a look that day, but he just had a look at the radiologist report then he was like: This is because you spend alot of time on the computer...Etc
Then he said that he'll take the x-rays and look at them at his office, I said OK.
I already had a look at that paper, I knew something was wrong but I didn't know what was it exactly because I am not famillier with medical terms as I said earlier.

On Tuesday 2nd of June, only one day before my appointment with my actual Doctor...I called my sister to ask her what happened and to tell her husband give me my x-rays back...She gave the phone to her husband and he told me that the Doctor (his friend) will be waiting for me in his office tomorrow afternoon.

Next day, it was crazy at work and my brother just visited me...So I asked him to come with me because I thought it will take a while only and it will be hard to find a parking when I comeback to work.

We went together there and we found the Doctor talking with another in the hall way; he saw me and asked us to follow him and we did.

My brother and I were talking all the way while we were following him...
The Dr said: Is this the first time you guys meet?
*We laughed*

We had to wait for awhile because he already has appointments with other patients...

Then he came to us and told us to come in, again my brother and I kept talking while we were following him to his office...He stopped then told us again: Is this the first time you guys meet?
*We laughed again*
We remained silent but while my brother was walking infront of me, I pinched him on the butt and that's when the doctor looked back at us and he was like: Oh, now you can't wait to pinch his butt at home LOL

We went in there, then he made that serious face and told me that he didn't sleep since yesterday morning and that he just performed 3 surgeries so I shouldn't feel bad if he said something unusual...Blah Blah same all same all
Then he said: You have a tumor and it could cause you a sudden death.


Q80-ChillGirl said...

So this is where you have been :) Am sorry about all what you had to go through & very proud of you for beating it up .. live strong & stay radiant & vibrant :>

سلامتك و ما تشوف شر

radiantguy.com said...

Thanks this is so sweet of you :)
those kind of up lifting msgs which kept me a live and kicking :)

الشر ما اييج :)