25 May 2008

Movies review

Yesterday I was bored to tears and I had to do something to break the
routine, So I went to to the theatre and watched two movies instead of

I decided that I should watch the host at 1am but I wasn't sure about
the other movie so I looked at the movies list and I ended up watching
Mad Money...honestly I wasn't exited about it but I am glad I watched
it eventually. Its one of the greatest movies I watched recently and I
do watch tons of movies.
I loved Katie's Holmes role in the movie, she was hilarious!
She was even funnier than Queen Latifah!

Next I watched the host, its true I was exited about it in the
begginng but when I found out that it was an Asian movie I thought it
won't be that great, again it was funny although its suppose to be

Now let's go back in time two days earlier when I watched open season
and tell me what do you really think of all the rabbits in the movie?!
Because of them Madagascur (the cartoon) moved in my top 3 3D cartoons
list from number 3 to number 4.

Btw...did anybody like horton hears a who! ?

That blog was sent through my new iPod touch, I am going to blog about
it soon :$



Unknown said...

Hey buddie, its been awhile.....how are you......
saw Mad Money as well and I really loved it........

radiantguy.com said...

Hi :D
Yeah it's been a while, hope everything is fine there :)