02 April 2007

Latifaonline.net new index

I post processed this one to be used as an index of Latifa's official site Latifaonline.net but in a short while later I got some new photos and decided to create the one below.

This is going to be the new index of Latifa's official site Latifaonline.net, I thought to share with my blog's visitors before publishing it in Latifa's site ;)
I spend the early hours of 2nd of April working on it.
So tell me what do you think?

Photos were taken during the making of Latifa's upcoming music video in Lebanon on 30th and 31st of March 2007.


Anonymous said...

i think i like the first one .. but what realy make me hate it .. the english font .. hope u can change it ..
good luck 2 u and 2 latifa :)

radiantguy.com said...

I have tons of fonts, I just thought to use something different than the ones I used before...Thanks for the comment and good luck to you too :)