06 April 2007

Me and the Olay lady LOL | Dubai day# 4

Isn't she pretty?
I really have no idea how she knew that I am Kuwaiti, she just asked to make sure and I said yes.....So she kept talking about Kuwait and stuff...On the way leaving I saw her again so I asked her If it's ok to take a photo and she said ok but you have to pay me 5 Dirhams just like Jennifer Lopez LOL

Did you notice that I am smiling?
That's means you can notice my weird shaped mouth :+


Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with your mouth and smile! Any one who could truly smile is simply beautiful!

Keep smiling! :)

radiantguy.com said...

Ahhhh...Ok i'll try to keep smiling although I hardly find things that makes me smile but that's not a promise :D