22 March 2006

Emotions of a butterfly

It's me as you can see clearly…
I never wear the Kuwaiti uniform ever in my life because it's just make me feel like the queen of butterflies LOL
I spent over half an hour to fix the Ghetra (white scarf on my head), and just keep fixing it every now and then :(
I had to wear it anyway because of work where women can wear whatever they want but men can NOT!

That's why I do NOT love women anymore LOL
I have to shave (second reason to hate women LOL) and go to work now :~(


Anonymous said...

I dont think women had to do anything with you shaving or not,
they are not holding a knife to your neck anyway :-S, so do what you want, be your self , bla bla bla

cheer up (*^_^*)

radiantguy.com said...

That was a joke :D
It's ok to wear whatever I want, But it's will be weird. bakoon El Ba66ah El Sodah LOL