06 March 2006

I am a --> GOOD <-- person :~(

I am a --> GOOD
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Few days ago I was checking someone's photos stream and I commented on his/her photos, That person responded and asked me to add him/her to yahoo messenger.
We had a chat, a very short one then we started talking about music, I suggested to refer some of my favorite songs to that person, and he/she accepted.
So I posted a link of a song and that person thought that I am a hacker and I was trying to mess up with his PC, that's why he/she blocked me on the messenger and flickr, he/she didn't give me any chance to explain.
That made me really sad..

The world is just like a desert, sand and dirt everywhere; yet you can find blooming flowers here and there.


calen said...

beautiful sentiments - I had a similar experience recently on Flickr when a person completely misunderstood my actions and blocked me - I was sad too !! I am happy about the few flowers in the desert - thankyou.

radiantguy.com said...

Somepeople are silly, they never give a chance to let you explain it. You shouldn`t care for them since they don't care about u in the first place...If they were real human they will.