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11 November 2006


I had tons of messages, comments and PMs from people telling me (Well...You are not a photographer because you post process your photos digitally).

I've never considered my self a professional, semi or a beginner photographer. I even wrote that in my profile .
I call my self a PHOTOGRAFIXIST!
Yeah Yeah I know another new word created by me.

PHOTOGRAFIXIST = Photography + Graphics + Fixing + "IST"

Note# 1. I still have the butterfly emotions whenever I wear that uniform :(
Note# 2. Taken with my cameraphone because I am still waiting for my camera to be fixed :( again and again :(

24 October 2006

I am BACK but...

I am BACK but...
Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
The very last photos before drooping my camera :S
They told me it's will be fixed but I have to wait until December when they get spare parts from Japan!
I won't be able to take any new photos, so I'll upload old ones or maybe camera phone shots :\

02 August 2006

VIVA Sonyericsson you just had "me" as a customer LOL

I've been a loyal customer of Nokia forever, Nokia mobiles are the most popular cellphones over here. I had a nokia 7610 and I just decided to break the chain.