27 September 2012

Contributions of Muhammad to the WORLD


The recent movie mocking the prophet of Islam in the name of freedom of speech and previously the cartoons which both lead to chaos, injuries and even death in the Arab and Muslim states around the world.

So I decided to watch the movie to know if it actually worth all the rage it caused and what I do think about it is not important but what did actually the messenger of Islam delivered to the World and how did affect us as human beings today?

According to Muslims believes the first word revealed of the Qur'an (Islamic holy book) to Mohammad from God is "Eqra'a" which is Arabic for (Read), it's a direct to urges people to learn and knowledge...Therefore Muslims contributed heavily in Science, Math, Chemistry, Astronomy and other kinds of knowledge during the golden age of the Islamic empire which stretched from Spain to China while Europe was living the dark age.

During the prime time of Islamic civilization, Muslim scientists did built on, created and innovated many things all of us are still using today or using after modifications.

According to BBC documentary "What the Ancients Did for Us" in the first episode titled "The Islamic World" several inventions or modifications of previously invented things were brought by Muslims such as:

Astrolabe, camera obscure, windmill, The grab, The Elephant Clock, Etiquette, Lusterware, Distillation (of several things such as perfumes and Alcohol and later Petrol and Sea Water), Soap, Suction pump and torpedoes! (Here is the full episode which will probably be deleted soon).

Now imagine if these inventions were patented and nobody was allowed to use them without permission, we would have a soap free world, camera free world, perfume free world...etc.

Therefor I do not support those stupid patents used by those stupid technology companies such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Sun and others.

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