04 August 2010

Video above was taken exactly one year ago when they finally told me that it's ok for me to have a shower after the surgery, first time for me to be bald since the day I was born...I had to because other wise I'd look stupid :D

Whenever I watch the video, I feel sorry for every single sheep on planet earth :(

الفيديو اللي فوق تصور من سنة بالضبط بعد ما أخيراً قالولي إني أقدر اسبح بعد ما سويت العملية، أول مره اقرع من
يوم انولدت...كان لازم اسوي جذي عشان لو ما قرعت بيكون شكلي قحطه لووول

كل ما اشوف الفيديو يكسر خاطري خروف العيد


bananaQ8 said...

Was it a hair transplant surgery or what ?

radiantguy.com said...

I wish it was that shallow but it was tumor resection