18 February 2009

قصة تنفع تكون فلم هندي

I always thought of my self as a super human who rarely get down or feel sick until the past two weeks.

I went to work in the first week although I knew something wrong with me yet I had no clue what was it, I had many symptoms of many unrelated diseases...

It all begun with an ache in my joints including my knees, back, fingers and toes, I also had a constant headache and a pain in the back of my left eye.

I went to the doctor during that week and he referred me to a Neurologist where I had an appointment after a month or so!
They also asked me to have a blood test for Rheumatism which turned to be negative.

At night I went to another doctor who suggested iv-drip which didn't work, I kept going on until Thursday 5th of Feb. when I went back home from work, I slept in the afternoon and went to the hospital with my brother...At that time I had a pain in my left eye, left tonsil and a headache.

The ophthalmologist told me I had an infection in my Cornea and dryness in my other eye, he told me to keep away of the computer, TV, reading and of course contacts lenses, And he gave me a prescription which consisted of eye cream and two different eye drops (including Cortisone eye drop).
I also had an infection in my left tonsil (yeah left eye and left tonsil, ironic huh?) so I had antibiotics and Brufen to solve that problem.

At this point you probably think if it could get any suckier?
Oh yeah, just keep reading...

I keep having all the medication starting from Thursday until Monday when I my tonsil felt better so I quit having the antibiotic and the Brufen, but that day I couldn't tolerate the headache so I went to the ophthalmologist (another one), he checked my eyes and told me that I don't have anything wrong with my Cornea nor dryness...It's all internal so it could be eye nerve problem or Retinal, he referred myENT doctor (which I think he did by mistake), the ENT doctor kept tossing me around until I got mad and called my brother who suggested to get back home and go two days later to a doctor he knew.

That day, my brother's friend checked every single thing in my eyes, he even made me have a color blind test (I am not color blind by the way), then he concluded I don't have any physical problem in my eyes...In fact I can see better than he do (despite the blurred vision caused by TV starting from age 13 or 14).

Next day my father asked me to go with him to his Neurologist (who is a friend of my brother in law), since my appointment was set in March...I could die if my diseases was fatal before March but that doesn't matter because order is order.

To make a long story short, when I just started talking about the way I feel he instantly said all the pain I feel in my left eye and the headache caused by my eye's muscles...Which is a result of watching TV, I told him I rarely watched TV (although it cost me 300 KDs) and that's when my father jumped in and said I use the PC alot...
An advice....Never take your father to a Neurologist LOL

He told me I have to take CT scan, my appointment was on 17th of Feb.

Today I went to take the scan, they asked me if I was fasting and I said NO...No one told me.
Then the guy asked me what did I ate?
I replied: Falafil LOL
Then he went to the Doctor and the Machine's specialist (which was a Kuwaiti woman) and told both of them that I ate "Falafil"...
That was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life LOL
Today I finally had CT scan, I have to wait until March to meet the Doctor though :S

UPDATE<3rd> I met the doctor a month or two ago (can't remember exactly) and he asked me to have an MRI because he needed more detailed x-rays of my brain.

I had another appointment on May 2009 for the MRI.


Loolykinns said...


Oh god!! That explains the dust we've been having recently!!

radiantguy.com said...

may the rumors begin :P

i can't believe someone just spent time to read that LOL

Anonymous said...

Hope you get well soon son!

Enric Archivell said...

I hope everything turns out to be fine. Cheer up! The blogosphere needs you.

radiantguy.com said...

Dr. Blue> Inshalla, I really wish Father :D

Enric Archivell> Naaaah, they don't really need one more blogger :D

willz said...

this is the first time i visit your blog, but i thought it would be helpful to give you some advice.
1) go alone
2) do not tell the doctor what you have, but tell hi the symptoms
3) get medical insurance
4) i have a chronic case of sinusitis, and your symptoms are IDENTICAL to mine when i get it. A simple x-ray of the front of your skull will show whether your nasal passage and your sinuses are congested or clear. What happens is that your sinuses (located at your forehead, & cheeks) become infected, then start effecting everything around them and in their path (ears, eyes, tonsils, and if you ignore it, possibly your lungs). Your joints aching and feeling fatigue is yet another symptom.i had my tonsils removed 3 years back, which relieved me from their inflammation but nothing else, the problem remains as (problematic). Sadly, the only to get rid of the infection is by perseverance or a little thing i like to call antibiotico.
5) last piece of advice, go to al sala hospital, and visit their ENT, he's really good.

i wrote quite alot, because if it is what i think it is, i know your in pain. it could be something else. Hope this helped

radiantguy.com said...

Thanks willz, many people told me that I might have something worng with my sinusitis but I didn't really check them out yet...Now I do feel better but I will make sure to check it out just in near future.

Thanks :)