02 September 2007

1 & 2

1. Why would I buy exfoliating lotion?

To make the woman who sales it SHUT UP!
My God she just can't stop it, blah blah blah huge pores, blah blah blah acne, blah blah blah oily skin, blah blah blah lazy guy, blah blah blah blah...
So I bought it and it cost me around 22 USD, since I already bought it I should use it and it really cleans LOL

2. Sometimes when I am driving my car, I notice some people in mt rear view mirror singing...They looks really silly LOL

I wanted to say one more thing but I can't recall it :+


Oryx said...

I’m speaking for the “Silly People Who Sing”
First, of all it’s up to you to see them or not, you can always look the other way
Second, at least they do it in the car and they don’t have to share their “talent” with the grand public
Third, it’s healthy to express yourself once and while

radiantguy.com said...

I have a secret to share...Sometimes I do it LOL
But I didn't realize how silly I look for others...You know like moving ur mouth and talking while you are muted :D