15 May 2007

Recognize any of these people?

Right to Left... Kuwaiti singer/actress "Maram", Me, Actress "Yelda" and a Philippino women :D

We met them in a shopping mall, they were going to shoot a TV show so we asked them for some photos and they said OK :+
BTW I love Maram's song "Helafli" but I feel that song didn't be popular as it should be :(

I think it was taken on day# 6 or 7, not sure...I have a temp. memory :+


nQ said...

was your top censored :O or is that just the cut!? either way..
WANASA! (even though i have no idea who those ppl are)

radiantguy.com said...

:D @ eshda3wa

No it's not censored...that's the cut...I bought it from Primo Emporio.