14 May 2009


I didn't watch part 1 or 2 or 3, but I watched 4 recently :D
I loved it and I have no clue why didn't I watch the previous parts.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is part 4 of the movie, I am going to download the previous parts because I think I am in love.

29 April 2009

Vacation Time :)~

If you looked on the left side of the photo carefully, you'll notice an island :D

I loved the original photo, I just had to change the colors a bit, don't ask why because I have no idea LOL

I am sick and sleepy, had a headache for 5 days, just packed my bag and I am going to sleep now like a road kill...I hope that I don't miss my flight.

Smell ya later :Pp

26 April 2009


I was preparing my self recently because I am going to travel soon (Inshalla) and I got sick (Flu)...Great timing isn't it?

13 April 2009


عندكم بروفايلات في Facebook و/أو Twitter و/أو Myspace و/أو غيرهم؟
إذا جوابكم كان إي...تابعوا القراءة!

انا عندي بروفايل فيهم كلهم بس لما يكونون وايد راح تكون صعبة إنك تحاول تحديث واحد واحد فيهم مثلاً، فقعدت أدور على طريقة سهلة إني أحدث فيها الـ Status مرة وحدة في توتير و فيس بوك بس، و بعد 5 ساعات و انا ادور على طريقة أربط فيها وصلت لأفضل طريقة قدرت أربط فيها كل البروفايلات اللي ذكرتهم فوق و لو عندكم غيرهم راح تقدرون تربطونهم مع بعض و تحدثونهم بنفس اللحظة من خلال الإنترنت أو من خلال الـ iPod touch أو الـ iPhone أو حتى من خدمة الرسائل القصيرة من التلفون!

كل هذا و أكثر من خلال الخدمات اللي يقدمها موقع Ping.fm

09 April 2009

Amazing songs

Appearntly I have a thing of sad oriental songs :D
This is a song by Fadhl who is well known with melancholic songs, I never loved a song by him as much as I loved this one.

I have nothing else to say except read the lyrics and you'll know what I am talking about.

Song name: Hakhally Bali Min Nafsi (ح أخلي بالي من نفسي) I will take care of my self
Album: Ba'ada Al Baal - بعدا عالبال
Year of production: 2009
Song genre: Oriental
Tempo: Slow
Singer: Fadhel Shaker (Fadel Shaker) - فضل شاكر
Lyrics by: Hani Abdulkareem - هاني عبدالكريم
Composed by: Ahmad Al Harmi - أحمد الهرمي
Arranged by: Essam Al Sharaity - عصام الشرايطي
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

I will take care of my self...And will try not to see you
I am afraid if I met you again...I will surrender
Why whenever I see you...I forget everything instantly and return to you
I have to come over my weakness...I shouldn't listen to you
In the name of what we have...I meant what we used to have
Whenever you see me...Don't talk to me, just walk away
Every time I say that I want to forget you...I find out that I am still in love with you
So I can walk away...I will just leave without telling you
I used to live only because of you...No matter what happened I always loved you
After what you've done to me...I won't stay with you
Despite my agony while you're away...It will be greater while I am close to you
If I said that I totally forgot you...I'll be trying to lie!

هخلي بالي من نفسي...و أحاول ما أشوفكش
خايف أقابلك تاني...قدامك ما أقدرش...
أنا ليه كل ما أشوف...بأنسى قوم و أرجعلك
لازم أغلب ضعفي...مش لازم أسمعلك
و حياة اللي ما بينا...قصدي إللي كان فيوم بينا
لو شفتني قدامك...ما تكلمنيش و إمشي
كل ما أقول أنا هنسى...ألاقيني بحبك لسه
علشان أعرف أسيبك...هبعد و ما أقولكش
أنا كنت بعيش علشانك...مهما جرالي بحبك
بعد إللي انت عملته...أنا مش ح افضل جمبك
مهما تعبت في بعدك...تعبي في قربك أصعب
أنا لو قلت نسيتك...أبقى بحاول أكدب!

And here is another beautiful song :S

That song was released in 2007, it's not the main song in the album yet it was my favorite song in that album.

In late 2008 she released the music video of that song, I didn't expect it from her because usually when I like a song of a certain singer he/she never make a music video of that specific song.

I totally loved the music video, I think it's the best music video in 2008...That would include Latifa's music videos too!

Just watch it below, very dreamy, very well choses colors...It made me wish to be there.

Song name: Ma Etgebsh Serti (ما تجيبش سيرتي) Don't talk about me or Don't talk about me behind my back
Album: Ahla Min Al Kalam (أحلى من الكلام) More beautiful than a speech
Year of production: 2007
Song genre: Oriental
Tempo: Slow
Singer: Mai Kassab - مي كساب
Lyrics by: Sameer Zaki - سمير زكي
Composed by: Mahmood Khayyami - محمود خيامي
Arranged by: Ahmad Adil - أحمد عادل
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

I want us to be separated in everything
So if we met suddenly...I won't be holding a grudge
I wish you don't talk about me...Don't wound me during my abcense
Please send me back my picture...Just like the way I sent yours

If someone asked you what was wrong...Just say this was our destiny
But don't wound me...By saying harsh and weird things about me
If they talked about you...I will prevent them
Because no matter what you do...Once upon a time I used to be your beloved one

أنا عايزة البعد بينا...يبقى في كل حاجة
علشان لو تقابلنا...ما يكونش في قلبي حاجة
و ياريت ما تجيبش سيرتي...و ما تجرحنيش في غيبتي
و زي ما خذت صورتك...يا ريت تبعتلي صورتي

لو سألك حد عني...قول مالناش نصيب
لكن بلاش تجرحني...بكلام صعب و و غريب
و انا لو جابوا سيرتك...ما تخافش ح أرد غيبتك
انا برضه مهما تعمل...كان إسمي فيوم حبيبتك

08 April 2009

More Movie Reviews

It's been awhile since the last time I watched a movie which moved all my senses :D
I am talking about Slumdog Millionaire, I am not a big fan of Bollywood...
But I was curious about that movie because they won plenty of awards including Oscars :S
In some parts it made me sad but it's definitally worth watching.

Second movie I watched recently was Duplicity by the great Julia Roberts :)~
After having her twins, she is back with that movie...Not as good as Erin Prockovich but it's fun :D

Finally Paul Blart: Mall Cop which I loved his scooter and I don't mind if anyone would like to get me one, it will make my day :D

I watched tons of other films but I can't recall them now :(

05 April 2009

جي ميل يحتفل بعيده الخامس

و ميزة تضاف لخدمة البريد الإلكتروني من النسخة العربية بعد ما تم إضافتها قبل عدة أشهر في النسخة الإنجليزية، و هي تغيير الخلفيات.
انا في البداية ما كنت متهم بالموضوع حسيته شي عادي بس لما لقيتهم نزلوه في القسم العربي قررت أجرب و استغربت لما سألني عن مكان إقامتي!
كتبتله الكويت و قامت تتغير الألوان حسب الوقت، يعني الصبح تطلع الشمس فوق و بالليل تختفي و المغرب تغرب ورا البحر و الظهر تصير فوق بنص السما!

ما خلوا شي والله...شكلهم ناويين ايننوني أكثر
شوفوا الصور و تفهمون شنو أقصد...

و كل عام و اهم بخير و عقبال المليون يا ربي

Official Gmail Blog: Gmail turns 5

02 April 2009

I am not selfish

I always loved songs when the female singer talks to her guy about another woman such as Angham's song (Introduce me to her) and this one.

I know that song was released awhile ago, but that doesn't make it less pretty...I already wrote a draft about it but I didn't complete it until now.
I love that song, I begun loving Meryam when I heared her Khaleeji song (she performed the dialect very well)...But I didn't fall for her until I listened to this song.

I just can't love the oriental part (begins at 2:40) of the song enough, It's amazing...I bet you'll love it :D

In the music video, I like the part when she is ignoring him while he is standing behind her :Pp
Here is the music video on youtube

Song name: Ana Mosh Ananiya (أنا مش انانية) I am not selfish
Album: Bet'oul Aih? (بتقول إيه) What are you saying?
Year of production: 2008
Song genre: Oriental, Pop, belly dance
Tempo: Slow in some parts and fast in others (generally fast)
Singer: Myriam Faris - ميريام فارس
Lyrics by: Mostafa Morsi - مصطفى مرسي
Composed by: Sameer Sfair - سمير صفير
Arranged by: Karim Abdulwahab - كريم عبدالوهاب
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

Try to choose between me and her...
So you don't be unfair to me nor her...
Keep one of us in you heart...
So you be cabable of loving...
Love only one...
But If both of us were with you...
You don't have two hearts...
So you can have feelings for me and her

I am not selfish...Selfish...
I want you for my self only...
I am not selfish...Selfish...
I can leave both of you and walk away...
Decide weither you want to stay with me or her!

[The guys says]
That didn't happened, it's a bunch of lies...
I would never love anybody else after you...
No matter what you say or repeat...
You are the only one in my heart...
Don't say false things...
No "my life" don't say false things!

You are living for me and her...
Half of you belongs to me and other half to her...
Once you lie to me and once you lie to her...
You can never satisfie me nor her...
It's hard to do it...
Why you are spliting your heart into two parts...
That's why we can't feel it...
Nor I or she will accept a half...

am not selfish...Selfish...
I want you for my self only...
I am not selfish...Selfish...
I can leave both of you and walk away...
Decide weither you want to stay with me or her!

حاول تختار بيني وبينها
حاول .. حاول ..
لا احسن تظلمني وتظلمها
حاول .. حاول ..
خلي في قلبك وحدة وبس
وحده .. وحده ..
علشان تقدر بيها تحب
حـب .. وحده ..
اما لو احنا معاك الاثنين
انت مافيش عندك قلبين
علشان بيها وبيا تحس

انا مش انانيه ..انانيه..انانيه
انا عايزاك ليا لوحدي
انا مش انانيه ..انانيه..انانيه
انا ممكن اسيبكو وامشي
قرر تبقى معاها ولا معايه!

لا محصلش وكل ده كذب
وانا من بعدك عمري ما احب
مهما تقولي ومهما تعيدي
انت لوحدك جوا القلب
اوعى تقولي كلام مش صح
لا يا حياتي كلام مش صح !

نت عايش لي وعايش بيها
عايش .. عايش ..
نصك ليا ونصك ليها
عايش .. عايش ..
كذبة عليا وكذبة عليها
كذبة .. كذبة ..
لا بترضيني ولا بترضيها
.. صعبة الحسبة ..
قاسم قلبك لنصين وعشان كده محناش حاسين
لا انا .. ولا هي ..هنرضى بنص!

انا مش انانيه ..انانيه..انانيه
انا عايزاك ليا لوحدي
انا مش انانيه ..انانيه..انانيه
انا ممكن اسيبكو وامشي
قرر تبقى معاها ولا معايه!