26 December 2006

Mr. Santa

Mr. Santa
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I just thought to share my new look, I had a hair cut which you can't see because of that hat :Pp~ I dyed my goatee and that you can see LOL
I am going to rejoin a gym on Saturday I promise :+
I have to eliminate the bad things in the new year such as my skinny upper body :(
Plus my dirty room which I am going to start cleaning NOW, well not now just after dinner time...And I am talking about Dinner time of 25th of December this year which is 2006 LOL

OK, I just ate my dinner and I am sleepy, cleaning could wait until tomorrow LOL

I don't know why usually people start judging their self in the end of the year only, If they kept judging thier actions all year the world would be a greater place.

I received this SMS yesterday...
The four stages of life:
1) You believe in Santa Claus
2) You don't believe in Santa Claus
3) You are Santa Claus
4) You look like Santa Claus

P.S. I hate to write stuff on my photos, do you think i should re-upload it?

I have to sleep now, it's really late and I don't want to skip work again LOL

17 December 2006

Who are you?

One amazing melancholic song of the singer Angham, I am so into the song; perfect lyrics, performance, music and arrangement...You can feel the Arabian desert through the man's voice who was performing some "Mawwals" in the background.

The song is talking about Angham who break apart with the one who she used to love, now he is back; she was trying to push him away because she didn't want him to break her heart again.

I loved many songs in that album such as "Astannah Eih", "Qol Keda" and "Bahibbik Wahashteeni".

Song name: Inta Meen? (Who are you?)
Genre: Khaleeji classic/Slow
Album: Bahibbik Wahashteeni (2005)
Singer: Angham
Lyrics by: Fahad Thamal
Composed by: El Faisal
Arranged by: Ismael
Translated by: radiant guy (Me)

Look who is talking about love?! *being sarcastic*
Dear God; help me to deal with him!
Many years passed...
And now my longing to him is dead!

What kind of human being are you?
Don't you have any emotions at all?
That's it...
Let me have my own life back :(

You have no rights to return to me..
I choked with my own saliva and sunk in my own tears the day you told me you want to brake apart!
That's it...
I beg you to leave, I can't tolerate it anymore, I don't recognize you anymore, I've never set my eyes on you!

Tell me, who can left the rain drops to the sky again?
You can't, neither do I!
What kind of humans are you?
That's it...
Let me have my own life back :(

13 December 2006

My favorite melancholic songs

That's going to be a long list, except my memory sucks; I will not be able to recall all of them :S

Thekra - Wainak Ent?
Thekra - Hatha Ana
Thekra - Hatha Int
Thekra - Ma Feeni Shai
Thekra - Al Asami
Thekra - Bahlam Beloqak
Thekra - Law Ya Habeebi
Thekra - Elain El Youm

Asalah - Al Moshtaka
Asalah - Afwan
Asalah - Haqeeqat Waqi'ei
Asalah - Yes'ed Sabahak
Asalah - Mesheet Seneen
Asalah - Assli Nafsi
Asalah - Rahal
Asalah - Erja'a Laha
Asalah - She'e Yerja'alak

Asalah - Aadi (I know it's rythmic song but it's really sad when someone get wounded alot to the point where he lose his feelings)
Asalah - Ma Athin
Asalah - Allamtni
Asalah - Wallahi Ma Tahaddi
Asalah - Ma Abqash Ana

Dania - Laily

Sherine - Betoohashni
Sherine - Lazim A'eesh
Sherine - Kont Arfa

Najwa Karam - Bnoob

Najwa Karam - Sho Knt Etqilli
Najwa karam - Sah'raani
Najwa Karam - Ana Meen

Angham - Edina Mobarak
Angham - Inta Meen?
Angham - Fainak
Angham - Arrafha Beya
Angham - Elqalak Had

Diana Haddad - Akdib

Diana Haddad - Awwil Marrah
Diana Haddad - Balash
Diana Haddad - Zeman Ghasi
Diana Haddad - Adi

Baha'a Al Kafy - Kefak?

Latifa - Ya Zaman
Latifa - Safar
Latifa - Kereihtak
Latifa - Rihlat Al Zaman
Latifa - Baqa Keda
Latifa - Thid Al Tayyar
Latifa - Fi Gheyabak Anni
Latifa - Al Khoof
Latifa - Badoob
Latifa - Balash Terja'a
Latifa - Medardarah
Latifa - Al Ghenwa
Latifa - Ela Toghat Al Alaam (some parts of it are sad)

Maya Nasri - Law Kan Lak Qalb
Maya Nasri - Ajbal Halak

Michline Khalifeh - Akadhook Minni
Micline Khalifah - Samihni

Amal Maher - Fe Aih Baink O Bainha

Laila Ghofran - Min Hena O Rayih
Laia Ghofran - Inta Ma Saddaqt

Saber Al Rebai - Mathalt Al Hob
Saber Al Rebai - Al Donya Di Esghayarah
Saber Al Rebai - Ez Al Habyib
Saber Al Rebai - Ana Ya Nas

Adam - Kefak Int?

Rayan - Kant Roohi

Rashid Al Majid - Mesafir Raah
Rashid Al Majid - Al Hadayah

Ahmad Al Huraibi - Al Sewad

Bashar Al Shatti - Em'awwideenik

Hussain Al Jasmi - Wallah Ma Yeswa

Pascale Mach'alani - Tair Al Gharam
Pascale Mach'alani - Betkhaf Aleek Qaddi
Pascale Mach'alani - Ebki

Elain Khalaf - Hawilt Ansak
Elain Khalaf - Izzai Qedirt Etbe'a

There are more songs except I don't recall them all

GONE with the wind [aka Ambition]

Yesterday during the noon it was extremely cold and windy over here but the sky looked amazing. That's why I snapped some shots on the way home from work; when I am back home I snapped some more shots using the sky as my background.

I will upload them when I get into the "uploading" mood :Pp~

لطيفة تلملم القرآن الكريم من على الأرض!

هالموضوع صار بعد نهاية الحرب الهمجية على لبنان في يوليو\اغسطس 2006 , بغض النظر اني كنت احبها من قبل من لما كان عمري 4 سنين بس كله كوم و هذا كوم ثاني...لطيفه كبرت بعيني بعد ما عرفت عن هالموضوع.

للعلم الصورة مو من تصويري.

12 December 2006

Oprah...An angel on Earth

Before a while I was watching Oprah, one of her guest was a little girl who've been living in the USA for awhile now; she is originally from Sera Leon, Africa.
The girl was telling her story when she was back there in her home country:
She was raped at age 6 by a gang, she was fighting them back so they chopped her left hand, her mother tried to stop them so they chopped her mother's hand too!
In some way they managed to scape (the mother and her daughter); the wounded mother was carring her wounded girl and walking for 3 days while the flies were feeding on their open wounds on their way to to safer place.

Shortly after awhile the mother let her little girl to leave to USA because she knew that her daughter will have a better life there and they never meet since then.
Oprah and her crew were seeking for the girl's mother for four month to reunite her with her daughter...
I WOULD LIKE TO SALUTE OPRAH, HER CREW and the girl's mother; May God bless you people.
May God bless you people, I really wish if there are more people like you in the world and more loving people like the girl's mother.

Photography by: Matthew Rolston
Photo source: Oprah.com


Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
I just created this wallpaper and added it to Latifa's official site; If you want to download full size wallpaper 1024*768 or 800*600 you can find it in the wallpapers section of (Latifaonline.net)

I spent the last days collecting everything about my "late" site about her, you can read about it here:


Note. Latifa's photos were taken from her last music video "Be Nos Al Jaw" (Translation: In the middle of the mood), some of them were taking during the video's making.


Note. Latifa's photo was taken in the TV show "Star Academy" 2004.

11 December 2006

On Thursday it was the weekend over here and my friends were either at

work or abroad, so...I was lonely and bored to death that's why I changed my clothes and I went out because it's been awhile since my last outdoor photo session (Well you know my camera was broken), anyway I went to no where looking for a spot but it was really cold and I didn't wear heavy outfit (reason one of why I hate winter).
So I went back home and had indoor photo session because it's been awhile since my last time; Well you know my camera was broken, I thought I didn't really need to mention it again but clearly you were not listening in the first time LOL
I was just trying to make a point, which is you all hates me :~(

On Thursday it was the weekend over here and my friends were either at work or abroad, so... [BW]

speechless mermaid boy LOL

speechless mermaid boy LOL
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A photo of me taken by a friend on the beach. Before you say anything I KNOW...I should eat more often LOL

09 December 2006

silly me in stupid winter deshdashah (aka Kuwaiti national uniform)

Still hate it whether it was white or NOT, photo was taken just to show you all the difference between the national uniform during summer and winter...Did I mention that I hate Winter?

Didn't change that much since October, did I?

In Kuwait we call the traditional uniform "Deshdasha"
In Qatar they call it "Thoob"
In UAE they call it "Kandorah"