04 December 2006

My baby GIRL is BACK...WooHooo :D

Technically it's Panasonic's girl not mine LOL
She is baaaaaaaack, I'll never droop her on the head again LOL
I am happy....I am going to sing to her LOL

Albi Ya Leeli Ya 3eeni Ya Laili Fe Halat Hob
Taaaaa Raaaaaaaaaa
Di Camerti Ba3d Ma olt Nesitni Reg3atli Fe 7ob
Taaaaa Raaaaaaaaaaaa

I know what you are going to say...I really should clean my mirror but I will not, I am to excited to clean, i should save my power for greater stuff, like brushing my teeth to keep them shiny for instance LOL

03 December 2006

I am losing it; Could someone help me finding my head?!

My God I have one gorgeous waist LOL
Ok I had to start with that joke :Pp~

Recently many stuff are going on...
Still waiting for my camera to be fixed :(

Photo taken by some one who used to be my best friend for 14 years, post processed by me, I even don't have enough time to explain what's going on with me...
Anyway I am doing fine, I hope you all do too :)


100,000 < views!

100,000 < views!
Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
Thank you flickrists :)
I just reached my 100,103 views...
WooHooo :D
I've been a flickr member since July 2005 but I wasn't an active member until early 2006.

I hope that I was a good flickrist, a friend and a world citizen.

I just updated my flickr profile I thought some people might like to know more about me :)

About this photo, it was taken in August, 2006. A girl requested my photo in jeans and I ended up with this one. The original one was a bit dark since I was using neon as my light source so I post processed the brightness and contrast. I still love the original one though :Pp~

28 November 2006

Where are you?

This song was performed by the late singer Thekra (Arabic script: ذكرى) may her soul rest in peace :( 3 years ago on 28th of November 2003) she was murdered by her husband, this is a tribute from me to her soul.
I can never ever forget her, I am still
denying the fact that she is not living with us anymore.

I just added a biography of her in wikipedia.org Here is a direct link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thekra

The first three minutes of the song you'll hear a violene playing solo with Thekra showing off her voice by repeating the word "Ya Habeebi" (Arabic for "my love" or "my beloved one").

Music in the gulf region (locally referred to as "Khaleeji" Music) have many genres and rhythms this song is a great example of Khaleeji folklore genre called "Samri", it's usually used with melancholic poetry/lyrics.

DOWNLOAD the MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: "Wainik Inta?" (Arabic script: ?وينك انت) Where are you?
Album: Thekra 2 (Arabic script: ذكرى 2)
Singer: Thekra (Arabic script: ذكرى)
Lyrics by: Turki Composed by: Tariq Mohammed (Rumors says that the composer and the poet are the exact person but he is using a nick name since he is a prince).

My beloved, can you see where did you end up and where did I?
My beloved one; you've left me alone and I am lost since then!

My beloved one, everything about me was changed..
Everybody knew about it; I used to say love does not exist but now I admit it...LOVE DO EXIST!

My wishes and youth were extinguished...
I am weak as a skinny tree standing against a great storm...
Sigh...If a kid listen to my depressing story he will have a grey hair instantly!

My beloved one, I wish when you left; you took "my longing" with you to comfort both of us!
But instead you left me with depression and wounds.

I am OK!

This is one more tribute for Thekra (may her soul rest in heaven)...
I just added a biography of her in wikipedia.org Here is a direct link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thekra

One of her hit songs in the gulf area performed in "Khaleeji Dialect" (A form of Arabic language mainly spoken in Kuwait, eastern Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and parts of Oman).
The song's music is a kind of "Khaleeji" folklore music.

DOWNLOAD the MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: "Ma Feeni Shai" (Arabic script: ما فيني شي)
Album: Thekra 2 (Arabic script: ذكرى 2)
Singer: Thekra (Arabic script: ذكرى)
Lyrics by: Turki
Composed by: Tariq Mohammed (Rumors says that the composer and the poet are the exact person but he is using a nick name since he is a prince).

I am ok, my beloved one don't worry about me..
It's just a tiny wound on the tip of my finger...
It's will heel very soon and it's might leave no scar at all If your hand touched mine!

You made laugh!
I wonder what will you do if you actually saw the wounds of my heart?!
I wonder what will you do if you saw the mountains of depression which I am carrying on my chest?!
If you felt how much my soul is thirsty for happiness; You would be stunned by my resistance to despair!

The despair which I've been through in my life time is not tiny!
Don't let my fake smile fool you because my heart is drunk with sadness!
Sadness wouldn't let me alone even for one single moment!

I am sorry my beloved one...
The wound of my heart is so deep; it's forced me to let it out and share it with you.
Please don't blame my heart because it's felt sorry for it self!

My lost soul [Tribute to Thekra]

Exactly three years ago (on 28th of November 2003), she was murdered by her
I am still denying the fact that her little heart is not pulsing anymore.

I know you might think "What a shallow guy?!" he feel sorry for a singer, despite the fact that she is one of my favorite ones all time but she left this world in a drastic way murdered with 16 bullets using a machine gun :(
I really wish I could do anything to get her back, but that's her destiny...
And it's my destiny to feel bad for her lost...

People always said "Life goes on" but that doesn't work with me specially with the cruel way she left, I might need more time If not forever to get over it :(

I loved her since the first time I heard her in the early 1990s.
People didn't know her value and what a great voice she had until she passed away.
May her soul rest in heaven.

Her last album released only 3 days before her death, in her last music video of the song "Youm Alaik" (Translation: "A Day against you" or "A rainy day") she seemed like she knew her future and what's her destiny; she almost sound like she was singing the very last days of her life!

You can find some of her songs translated by me in my MUSIC BLOG:

I just wrote a small biography of her in both English and Arabic as a tribute to her, you can read it following this link:


الفاتحة على روحها

25 November 2006

I want to FLY!

So many things I am trying to do, but I just can't do it with so many strings are holding me down. I want to fly and fulfill my dreams; I would do it in one eye blink if it's up to me!

Photo was blogged from flickr, I love green and blue togetherd I think that photo really expressing the way I feel. I would like to thank Bo 3adil> for it.

24 November 2006

Good morning...

It's not the exact songs translation, It's very hard to translate Arab poetry so I had to modify it and change few things :Pp~

The song is made of three parts, in the first one she start complaining about things in indirect way, the second part she start blaming him gently and in the third part she welcome him back.

It's a great example of Khaleeji Tarab songs.

Song name: Yes'ed Sabahak (Good morning)
Album: Awqat (Released in the CD only) 2004
Singer: Asalah (Arabic script: اصالة)
Lyrics by: Prince Abdul-Rahman Bin Mosa'ad
Composed by: Sadiq Al Sha'er (Rumours says that the writer and the composer are the exact person, but he is using a nick name when he compose; since he is a prince)
Arranged by: Ameer Abdulmajeed

Good morning my love, I'm doing just OK...
Everything the way it's always been...
My tears still on my cheeks...
The pain still living in my chest...
The safeness still gone since the day you left...
The sleepless nights are being repeated over and over...
Despair refusing to leave me alone...
My eyes are bleeding with tears...
Even the wounds which you caused still staying in my heart...
And my lips still repeating the words which we said the last time we met...
I am doing just OK...
Good morning my love...

It's typical of you, whenever I felt that the whole world is collapsing around me you just disappear and whenever you felt that the world is collapsing around you; you'll return to me!
It's typical of you...You always return in the right time; when I don't need you anymore!
Can you see now?
Everything the way it's always been...
Good morning my love...

Is that the light of the morning or it's yours?
Is that the warmth of the roses or it's yours?
I don't know whether I should spread my precious tears on your shoulder or just walk away?
Can you see it now my soul's love?
Everything the way it's always been...
Good morning my love..

He promised one hundred times

Arab pop song with Arab rhythms performed by Diana Haddad, a great song.
I translated the first part of the song, It was hard to translate the other parts...It's really hard to translate Arabic poetry :(

DOWNLOAD the MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: Wo Ehlifli Meet Yameen (He promised one hundred times)
Album: Diana 2006
Singer: Diana Haddad
Lyrics by: Mostafa Morsi
Composed by: Tamer Ashoor
Arranged by: Mohammed Mostafa
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

He promised one hundred times that he will be mine forever!
But the exact moment I dedicated my love to him; he forgot all about his promise!
That's when I found out that he is a great liar...
He always promise but never keep his promises, he only fall in love for very few days then he forget all about his love!

22 November 2006

So what If I was lonely? I always had nobody to wipe my tears

Yesterday I was listening to a radio show, it was about friendship…It's reminded me of what I've been through lately…I decided to move on; So what If we were best friends for 14 years?
I know that I did nothing wrong…But clearly Friendship never last forever!

I will not upload more photos of him anymore…Since I hate him