24 November 2006

Good morning...

It's not the exact songs translation, It's very hard to translate Arab poetry so I had to modify it and change few things :Pp~

The song is made of three parts, in the first one she start complaining about things in indirect way, the second part she start blaming him gently and in the third part she welcome him back.

It's a great example of Khaleeji Tarab songs.

Song name: Yes'ed Sabahak (Good morning)
Album: Awqat (Released in the CD only) 2004
Singer: Asalah (Arabic script: اصالة)
Lyrics by: Prince Abdul-Rahman Bin Mosa'ad
Composed by: Sadiq Al Sha'er (Rumours says that the writer and the composer are the exact person, but he is using a nick name when he compose; since he is a prince)
Arranged by: Ameer Abdulmajeed

Good morning my love, I'm doing just OK...
Everything the way it's always been...
My tears still on my cheeks...
The pain still living in my chest...
The safeness still gone since the day you left...
The sleepless nights are being repeated over and over...
Despair refusing to leave me alone...
My eyes are bleeding with tears...
Even the wounds which you caused still staying in my heart...
And my lips still repeating the words which we said the last time we met...
I am doing just OK...
Good morning my love...

It's typical of you, whenever I felt that the whole world is collapsing around me you just disappear and whenever you felt that the world is collapsing around you; you'll return to me!
It's typical of you...You always return in the right time; when I don't need you anymore!
Can you see now?
Everything the way it's always been...
Good morning my love...

Is that the light of the morning or it's yours?
Is that the warmth of the roses or it's yours?
I don't know whether I should spread my precious tears on your shoulder or just walk away?
Can you see it now my soul's love?
Everything the way it's always been...
Good morning my love..

He promised one hundred times

Arab pop song with Arab rhythms performed by Diana Haddad, a great song.
I translated the first part of the song, It was hard to translate the other parts...It's really hard to translate Arabic poetry :(

DOWNLOAD the MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: Wo Ehlifli Meet Yameen (He promised one hundred times)
Album: Diana 2006
Singer: Diana Haddad
Lyrics by: Mostafa Morsi
Composed by: Tamer Ashoor
Arranged by: Mohammed Mostafa
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

He promised one hundred times that he will be mine forever!
But the exact moment I dedicated my love to him; he forgot all about his promise!
That's when I found out that he is a great liar...
He always promise but never keep his promises, he only fall in love for very few days then he forget all about his love!

22 November 2006

So what If I was lonely? I always had nobody to wipe my tears

Yesterday I was listening to a radio show, it was about friendship…It's reminded me of what I've been through lately…I decided to move on; So what If we were best friends for 14 years?
I know that I did nothing wrong…But clearly Friendship never last forever!

I will not upload more photos of him anymore…Since I hate him


21 November 2006

FLICKR in Arabic [فلكر]

FLICKR in Arabic [فلكر]
Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
Recently I've been working on the Arabic edition of flickr in wikipedia.org

When I saw a great flickr design by my friend Ali with great patterns in Pink and Blue. I had no idea how to create similar patterns but I was trying to manipulate the word flickr in Photoshop and I ended up with those patterns. I know it SUCKS but that UGLY thing above is my first attempt, so be gentle on me :">

Bashar AKA radiant guy

16 November 2006

OPS! Wrong Toilet room LOL

OPS! Wrong Toilet room LOL
Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
Photo was taken by my friend in a restaurant, I thought it's a funny pose. So I asked him to photograph me and the waiter saw us and laughed LOL

Still waiting for my digital camera to be fixed; until then I'll be using my camera phone :(

13 November 2006

I miss you

One of my very favorite songs released in 2003, It's a sad song with great lyrics. It was really hard to translate it, I guess the first paragraph was translated well but the 2nd and 3rd are meaningless in English!
The song reminds me of the beginning of the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, the whole album reminds me of that year.
The album was one of my favorite albums of the year 2003.

THE MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: Betoohashni (I miss you)
Singer: Sherine (Shereen | Arabic script: شرين)
Lyrics by: Nasr Mahroosnt>
Composed by: Riyadh Al Hamsharint>
Album: Jarh Thani (Second wound) 2003
Translated by: Bashar (Me)

I miss you even while I am sitting beside you!
I miss you; I even miss every single day I am spending with you!
And every second with out being with you is killing me!
And every single night I am living with out being with you makes my happy, scared and wounded.
I am afraid that even when I die I will still be missing you!

You are promising that there is no tomorrow, no day after tomorrow and I will not spend a single moment with out being with you; then you became late and I miss you more and I can do nothing about it because I don't have anybody to miss except you.

You are plaining many things and telling me many more promises but eventually I find my self with out you; then you give my some more hope but I always end up living the torture of your absence!

11 November 2006


I had tons of messages, comments and PMs from people telling me (Well...You are not a photographer because you post process your photos digitally).

I've never considered my self a professional, semi or a beginner photographer. I even wrote that in my profile .
I call my self a PHOTOGRAFIXIST!
Yeah Yeah I know another new word created by me.

PHOTOGRAFIXIST = Photography + Graphics + Fixing + "IST"

Note# 1. I still have the butterfly emotions whenever I wear that uniform :(
Note# 2. Taken with my cameraphone because I am still waiting for my camera to be fixed :( again and again :(

10 November 2006


Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
One of my self portraits (Cover boy) was BLOGGED by Rita from UK.
I have similar photo taken and manipulated by me of a friend and looks way better than this one; I guess because I spent more time post processing it :D

I guess I am becoming a super star, move over Britney because Radiant Guy is taking over LOL

If I was a singer, I'll use that as my CD cover

Don't worry my voice really sucks, a flying cat could cough and make a prettier voice than mine LOL

Everybody saw us (me and my friends) in Bahrain they instantly knew that we are from Kuwait even If we didn't said a word, I really had no idea why I mean Kuwaitis does not have green skin color LOL
I am in love with my shoe :">

Photo of me modeling taken by a friend using my camera phone, Bahrain 1st of Nov. 2006 (day one).

07 November 2006

It's raining WATER Hallelujah!

Still did not believe that winter already started in Kuwait :D
Woohoooo :S
It's still hot here but last week it's started to rain, I thought someone was spitting on my car LOL
It's getting cooler now, on my way to work the temperature reached 20s around 9 A.M.!
That is weird in Kuwait :\

P.S. My camera still broken, that's why I am using my camera phone :(
the photo looks great considering it was taken using a camera phone, isn't it?