27 October 2006

Friendship never last forever, IT'S TRUE!

I just don't know what went wrong, it's might be me or he just found a "better" friends group?
We've been best friends for more than 14 years but not anymore, he even changed his number so I don't call him (I wouldn't call him anyway even If I had his number but he is thinking that he is the Queen Elizabeth II and I would be running after him)!

I know I DID NOTHING WRONG but I have no idea what's wrong with him, I wanted to know what went wrong exactly but not anymore since he did forget all those years of our friendship.

I used to think about him for awhile but now I belly dance on Latifa's song "Khalleek Ba'eed" (Translation: Keep Away).

If you think walking a way will make you feel better, OK then you can keep away..
If that would make you more comfortable, I will be happy for you..
But don't return few days later asking for my forgiveness, and to reconciled again!

It's typical of you to forget all about our great days together whenever we have a little problem, I swear if I walked away you will feel lonely even If you had a thousand friends around you
My dear why you are treating me this way?

Don't be patient, return and ask for my forgiveness, and to reconciled again!

P.S. I don't really love Queen Elizabeth II; I am just trying to make a point, I hope she won't sue me for using her name LOL

24 October 2006

Happy Eid

Happy Eid
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`Eid al-Fitr is the day of celebration that marks the end of Ramadhan . Muslims visit family members, enjoy special meals together and wear new clothes. Children receive gifts of money from their relatives. Amusement rides for children are set up in the streets, and people watch fireworks at night.

The celebration lasts for three days (sometimes four), but if it falls in the middle of the week, shops and schools may stay closed for the entire week.

Photo was taken during a clear night with two different exposures, I post processed both of them to create the fog or mist in the top.

I am BACK but...

I am BACK but...
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The very last photos before drooping my camera :S
They told me it's will be fixed but I have to wait until December when they get spare parts from Japan!
I won't be able to take any new photos, so I'll upload old ones or maybe camera phone shots :\

23 October 2006


Today I was surfing around some blogs around when I read a phrase written by a Kuwaiti girl. I've been thinking about it for awhile since I noticed that I lost many of my hobbies too because of the "computer madness/era". I used to do many things when I was younger but during the last 8+ years I had a great passion for the computer...At least I don't have to take a shower after using paint shop pro LOL

I did lose many years on silly chats and that's what I regret, I mean I don't hate chats at all but they shouldn't be the main reason for using your PC.

On the other hand I developed many computer related skills such as photography and photo editing.

15 October 2006

It's the first time

Very romantic song by Diana Haddad, I think I am the only one who loved this song ever!

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: Awwal Marrah (First time)
Singer: Diana Haddad
Writer: Hind Al Qadhi
Composed & Arranged by: Khalid Ezz
Translated by: Bashar (ME)

Here is the Music video

It's the first time I felt that I am a live and in love
When I noticed you
I saw you far away and the strangest thing happened...My own soul flew all the way to you!
My beloved, I wish my you can hear my voice; when will we meet?
Come to me
All my life and dreams belongs to you...
Come to me

It's the first time I felt lost, I even don't know whether I am still standing here or over there!
I am dieing to hear a voice telling me that I belong to you..

My feelings are above my capability and beyond my fantasy
If your heart was in the end of the longest road ever; I will walk the road until I reach the end!
My beloved, I wish you can hear my voice; when will we meet?
Come to me
All my life and dreams belongs to you...
Come to me

14 October 2006

Tarkan's first English album!

Tarkan is a Turkish singer, he is known in the Arab world since 1999 or maybe earlier with his smash hit song "Simarik".
"Kiss Kiss" is the English version of the song released in the year 2002 and performed by Holly Valance.

I rarely listen to non Arab music...But I had to listen to Tarkan's since it's his first English album, I was curios!
Until now I listen to the full album two or three times, my first impression about it is GREAT!
The more I listen to it, the more I love it!

The song "Over" is the first song which attracted me, currently I am using it as my cellphone ringtone.
I will not write more stuff about this album now because I don't want to affect you with my choices, you have to listen to it your self and make up your mind...I AM SURE YOU'LL LOVE IT!

Make sure to check his official site http://www.tarkan-music.de/

Don't go away..

Latifa won the best middle eastern singer in the World Music Awards 2004 for that album. It's was a smash hit in the Arab world.
This song is a great example of Arab Pop Music, you can listen to Arab instruments such as Tabla along with Techno beats, she perform a short part with Arab rhythms in the song.

The song was performed in three different languages!

The first time in the year 2001 by the Greek singer "Despina Vandi", the song's name is "Ah Kardoula Mou".
In the year 2003 the song's music was recomposed and rearranged (legally) and released in Arabic language by "Latifa", the song's name is "Ma Etrohsh Ba'ed" (Don't go away).
"Havas" is the name of the Persian version, released in 2005...It's a remix of the Arabic version performed by the Persian singer "Shohreh Solati"; that one wasn't legal.

Despite it's legal or not, I think it's a great way that people around the world can share the exact passion of Music, I know it's took two years for each version to reach others and I really wish if there is a faster way so everybody can listen to the latest songs in all over the world in the exact released date.

Don't go away..

The photo above is my graphics work of Latifa performing the song in the World Music Awards 2004 also you might notice her photo with Celine Dion.
Latifa's speech was censored by the USA media when she said "My happiness remains incomplete until Iraq & Palestine are freed"!

Here is the song's video clip...VIVA YOUTUBE LOL

DOWNLOAD the MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song's name: Me Etrohsh Ba'ed (Don't go away)
Singer: Latifa (Check her official site or read about her at wikipedia)
Writer: Mohammed Refa'ei
Composer: Phoebus and Mohammed Refa'ei
Arranged by: Jean-Marie Reyachi
Translated by: Hanine Jaraiseh and Me

My Love, Don't go away

My love, I need you beside me
My love, come closer to me...Come closer

For many starry nights I’ve been living imagining you in my fantasies...
Before seeing you my precious I kept thinking of you every awaking moment

My love, while you are beside me all my life is full of love; your love is the most valuable to me.
With every night your words were on my mind, you are the life in my eyes and the world to my heart.

Dear starry nights he finally told me that I am the love of his life

The years of my life passed before knowing you and no one has replaced you ever
All I need is your heart to be with me even for one second
It's enough for me to have you as my forever love in my heart
Love… Always stay with me and don’t go away

حبيبي...ماتروحش بعيد يا حبيبي
أنا عايزاك جنبي حبيبي
قرب من قلبي حبيبي...قرب لي كمان
ليالي أنا عشت معاك في خيالي
قبل ما أشوفك يا غالي
ولا ثانية تغيب عن بالي
يا حياتي أنا
حبيبي و أنت جنبي
الحب كله بيملى قلبي
و حبك اغلى ما ليا
ليالي على بالي
كل كلمة قلتهالي
يا دنية قلبي و عنيا
يا ليالي حبيبي قالهالي
انت عمري و أعز غالي

سنيني قبلك مرت على عيني
و لا شئ عنك يغنيني
قلبك وحده يكفيني
لو ثانية لقا
كفاية أني أشوفك جوايا
مالي قلبي و هوايا
خليك على طول ويايا
يا حبيبي بقى


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I am going to walk until I reach the end of the universe...
I am going to disappear for a hundred years...
I will never fall for a childish love anymore...

Probably nobody cares but If you do...
I am leaving...
My life is a mess, I need to reschudle my priorities, it's could take a day, a month or a hundred years..

Until I comeback...
Keep smiling...
Stop smoking...
And spread the world with...

Bashar AKA radiant guy


One of my very favorite songs of all times!
I think no matter how much I say that I love it, it's will never be enough to express the way I love it!
It's this kind of songs which you love everything about, Music, Lyrics, Arrangment and the singer performance.

The song released in the year 2002 (Arabic), I just found out that there is a Turkish version of it released in the year 2004...The Turkish song called "Hadi Git" and it was performed by "Seden Gürel".
It's happens a lot over her, sometimes Turkish use Arabic songs and sometimes Arabs takes Turkish music...Sometimes It's legally others not (It's was legal this time).

Song name: Benoub (Never)
Singer: Najwa Karam
Album: Tahamooni (2002)
Writer and composer: Marwan Khoury
Arranged by: Mohammed Mustafa
Translated by: Me

Never ever go away from me...
My eyes don't sleep because my beloved is coming tonight...
I wish we could find a medicine to cure my agony...
Time seems to pass at a slow pace with our date getting closer.

The evening wind as a signal of separation, It was blowing north while I sat by myself, Suddenly a warm breeze blew and reminded me of my beloved's smile!
O you sadness standing ready to stab my heart with your spears!

The night of mourning is over...
My beloved is coming back to live in (fill) my heart...
Life passes in an eye glance...
O darling, where are you? Come back to save my love!

06 October 2006

Baby sitter

Baby sitter
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During the last 3 days, I've been baby sitting my nieces...I think that's why I can't get them out of my head. The little one is sick now, she wakes up every 10 seconds because of her fever...I guess I am NO good baby sitter :(