14 October 2006


One of my very favorite songs of all times!
I think no matter how much I say that I love it, it's will never be enough to express the way I love it!
It's this kind of songs which you love everything about, Music, Lyrics, Arrangment and the singer performance.

The song released in the year 2002 (Arabic), I just found out that there is a Turkish version of it released in the year 2004...The Turkish song called "Hadi Git" and it was performed by "Seden Gürel".
It's happens a lot over her, sometimes Turkish use Arabic songs and sometimes Arabs takes Turkish music...Sometimes It's legally others not (It's was legal this time).

Song name: Benoub (Never)
Singer: Najwa Karam
Album: Tahamooni (2002)
Writer and composer: Marwan Khoury
Arranged by: Mohammed Mustafa
Translated by: Me

Never ever go away from me...
My eyes don't sleep because my beloved is coming tonight...
I wish we could find a medicine to cure my agony...
Time seems to pass at a slow pace with our date getting closer.

The evening wind as a signal of separation, It was blowing north while I sat by myself, Suddenly a warm breeze blew and reminded me of my beloved's smile!
O you sadness standing ready to stab my heart with your spears!

The night of mourning is over...
My beloved is coming back to live in (fill) my heart...
Life passes in an eye glance...
O darling, where are you? Come back to save my love!

06 October 2006

Baby sitter

Baby sitter
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During the last 3 days, I've been baby sitting my nieces...I think that's why I can't get them out of my head. The little one is sick now, she wakes up every 10 seconds because of her fever...I guess I am NO good baby sitter :(

Ghosts ~:O

Ghosts ~:O
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Run for your life!


My sister is back, so I don't have to baby sit them anymore

Photo. Me hugging my little niece, it's looks like a dream, isn't it?


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Probably you all noticed that I have a thing for night shots, moons and stars.
I am not a vampire though LOL

Ya Laili (means my night) is a widley used word in the Arab world songs, It's doesn't really refer to the night it self; I think it's refer to the emotions of the night such as sleepless, romance, silence...Etc

Check my music blog for some translated songs ;)

The day I met Cathrine Zeta Jones in the Elevator!

That was in my dreams LOL
Naaah, I went out with my sister and I saw that make up poster in the elevator, she looks amazing...I love her :">
Noticed the Henna on her shoulder?
I loved it

05 October 2006

That's how I looked an hour ago :>

My brother didn't come back yet and that's why I am still using my cameraphone (Sony Ericsson K800i) :(

My worst nightmare!

My worst nightmare!
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They are my little nieces, they look cute only because they are wearing their cuteness mask in the photo LOL

The photo was taken by my sister and post processed by me, they were wearing those outfits (National uniform) for their school "Gerge'aan" party.
Gerge'aan could be the Islamic version of "Halloween: except children wear the national uniform instead of scary outfits..
They don't need to wear scary things, they are already are LOL

Children celebrates Gerge'aan two weeks after the beginning of the Islamic Month Ramadhan .

Note. The word "Gerge'aan" is widely used in Kuwait, other Islamic countries use different words.


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I don't like to kill insects but I had to kill this gecko or it's will get into my brother's room :\

01 October 2006

ATTENSION: Noses in cameras are larger than they appear!

Lately I've been in the "going blank" phase, but It's seems I am getting my mind back. I just started photo editing again (clearly I've been in the mood for that).

My brother traveled and took my digital camera with him. He own a DSLR yet he took my cheap point and shot baby :(

Anyway this photo of me was taken on 1st of June 2004 by my friend using my (very first) cameraphone (Nokia 6230i I think...Well I am not getting any younger LOL). Some parts of this photo was taken by my latest cameraphone (Sony Ericsson k800i).

This is one of my favorite shirts...There is a sad story about it (First of all you should know that I could be in love with everything including T-shirts lol)...

In the year 2004 or 2003 not sure, Dam*menopause :S) I took my laundry including a black shirt with the exact pattern on the right side of this photo above to be cleaned. The laundry was burned, they returned all my clothes without any scratch except my beloved t-shirt was burned :(
I couldn't buy similar one because that store only get very limited pieces of each design...Weeks passed and I found this shirt in the photo kinda similar to my late t-shirt.

I know it's a silly story and I wasted your time LOL
But it's a real story :D