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26 July 2006

A step to the top or the bottom?

I human being is responsible of his life, his children's and family, he desides the class he live and force his family to live, he could take a step to the top or to the bottom and pull down his beloved ones.


Who doesn't like to ride the horses of opportunities and life; he will be ridden like a horse!

Who doesn't like to climb mountains, will spend his whole life in a hole!

And that's me when I try to be wise LOL

10 July 2006

Stairs to heaven

Stairs to heaven
Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
She always said "Tell others about your problems/pain so they don't envy you for a perfect life that you don't really have" .

Yesterday 8th of July 2006, my grandmother passed away (my mother's mother), just four weeks after my uncle's death; my mother found out late night and she was crying until today, my brother and I were staying with her for a while, until it's was 3 AM so I went to bed because I had to wake up early for work but I didn't sleep, I was rolling over in bed until morning then I fall a sleep like there is no tomorrow and I skipped work.
My grandmother been through a lot, her husband (unfortunately the law call him my grandfather) used to hit her and to humiliate her but she didn't care because of her children; when they became older she walked away. And later he got married again to a "SLUT" who treated my late uncle (passed away 4 weeks ago when he was 45 years old only) and my youngest aunt very bad.
May their souls rest in peace, probably they already meet each others, he is her only son; they didn't see each others since late 1980s.

Photo is dedicated to my grandmother Zahrah (Arabic for "A flower") 19XX - 2006, my uncle, my friend's mother and all our beloved decedents.