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12 December 2006


Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
I just created this wallpaper and added it to Latifa's official site; If you want to download full size wallpaper 1024*768 or 800*600 you can find it in the wallpapers section of (

I spent the last days collecting everything about my "late" site about her, you can read about it here:

Note. Latifa's photos were taken from her last music video "Be Nos Al Jaw" (Translation: In the middle of the mood), some of them were taking during the video's making.


Note. Latifa's photo was taken in the TV show "Star Academy" 2004.

08 December 2006

Latifa & I

Everybody see a photo of me and Latifa asks me about it; How or What's between me and Latifa, I will take you back to 1999 when it all begun and I will try to keep this post updated.Note. If you don't know who is Latifa, then check out her biography at wikipedia.orgAs I said in one of my posts, I had chickenpox at age 17...So I had to stay home and that's when I thought to create my first site on 8th of September 1999.
I was thinking what should it be about, at the time Latifa's album (Wadeh - Inchallah) and her song "Kerehtak (I hated you) was a great hit; I was listening to the whole album all the time non stop. I always loved Latifa since i heard her song "Ew'ah Tegheer" , "Ashan Bahibbak" in the late 1980s and later "Eddeni Forsah Thanya", "Al Donya Betedh'hak Leya" (The world smiles at me) and "Beyihsibooni" (They thought).

This is the 1st site of Latifa online, It's one of the 1st Arabic languages websites, at the time there wasn't a unicode for Arabic language so if you can read Arabic on internet explorer you can't read it on netscape, so I had to write the Arabic text on a jpg to make sure everybody can read it!

I knew nothing about web design nor graphics design, I learned everything through searching.
The 1st graphic I ever created was the moon's animation with Latifa's picture in the middle of it, Later it's became the land mark of the site and it's was never changed until the day my site was shut down by yahoo! Geocities.

I used to change the site's index whenever a new music video release or new photo session of Latifa is out...Here are some snaps of the old indexes:

Note. The one on the bottom/left was the last index before going offline.I started promoting the site through search engines and exchanging banners with other sites and later i had many hits and visitors who started to request more content and that how this site became the largest site about Latifa online until then!

The site contained many sections such as:

Electronic magazine (latest news about Latifa)

Video section

Audio Section

Lyrics section (plus English translations)
Wallpaper section, Concerts section, Icons Section, Internet Explorer skins and many more!

My site and the Media:

In the years 2000 there was live interview with Latifa on Nile Variety channel and they show my site on T.V. few days later they broadcasted the inteview again on NILE TV and that's when I came back from (summer school) Final exam of Math or Physics I can't recall it :D
Since then I had more visitors then ever; the TV show didn't publish the address!
The site was the first site dedicated to Latifa on the internet, even Latifa her self admit it.
In the photo below "Khaled Abol Naja" (Arabic script: خالد أبو النجا) browsing my site on TV.

Few weeks later, I had a phone call and guess who was it?
Yeah it was her, Latifa :D
She called me at home and my mother answered her, when I talked to her I was shocked and speechless...She thanked me for the site, talked with me more...Asked about some more informations about me; gave me her number, email and her sister's (Mounira) email who I talked to later.
That was the first interaction (I knew about) between my site and the Media.

My site was published in Internet Guide Magazine (Arabic script: مجلة دليل الانترنت) on 14th of May 2001

"Laha" magazine (Arabics script: مجلة لها) issue 51 / 12th of September 2001

Kuwaiti newspaper "Al Ra'i Al Aam" (Arabic script: الرأي العام) issue 12687 / 16th of March 2002 (Note. That guy with Latifa is not me)

"Al Osrah Al Asreyah" (Arabic script: الاسرة العصرية) magazine issue 1138 / 4-11 February 2003
Plus other magazines such as "Kalam Al Nas" (Arabic script: كلام الناس)

On many TV channels such as LBC (On TV show Carla La La), Future TV (On the show Rola AlHawa), Abu Dhabi TV, New TV and others.
In the T.V. show "Sa'ah Beqorb Al Habeeb" hosted by Tony Khaleefah on LBC channel which was broadcasted on 2nd of January 2003 Latifa sent me her regards and that was the first time she menstions my name on TV
Also in the show "Khaleek Bel Bait" which it's hosted by Zahi Wahbi on Future T.V. Latifa sent me her regards and that's was on 3rd of April 2003 (When Iraqi Ba'ath were shoting missiles on Kuwait during the American invasion of Iraq)
And on 31st of October 2003 and during the radio show "VIP" on Middile east "Al Sharq Al Awsat" radio station which broadcastting from Cairo - Egypt.Also on 1st of January 2004 during the radio show "Hamzat Wasl" on BBC radio station wich broadcasting from London, The inteview was recorded on 30th of December 2003 to be broadcasted on the first day of the year 2004.

She also mentioned my name in many TV and Radio shows including Marina FM and Kuwait TV.

I have many video files and audio files about my site, they might be added later.

Latifa's 1st fans club online was founded by me on 6th of April 2001, It's was a part of my site. It's includes many fans of Latifa around the globe, they are sharing everything about Latifa, Pictures, news, discussing everything related to Latifa and more. The fans club's name was changed to "Latifa Fans Family" and later it's became a part of Latifa's official website and then it was moved to facebook.

On Sunday 29th of June 2003 for the 1st time the site's visitors counter hit 200000 visitors since the site became online!On 14th of February 2004 my site was merged with Latifa's official site; and I became a webmaster of her site, my site was online until Yahoo! Geocities deleted it on January 2006.

Latifa's official site domain name is written on her music videos credits (aka outro) :Pp~

In the Mid 2000s, I registered the user name Latifa on YouTube for Latifa's official channel
But the channel wasn't active untl few years later because YouTube wasn't as good as it is at the moment...Then I added most of the content you can find there at the moment.

I finally got to meet Latifa in real life on my trip to Tunisia 2008 where I attended few concerts and taken plenty of amazing photos of her on stage.

Notice the flying kiss to me in the end of the video *blush*
And later in that visit, I was a guest on a Tunisian radio station with her (photo can be seen below)
We also met in Kuwait on June 2009 when she came specifically to record a song and I was there during the 5 days trip, below a photo slide show of that day (by me of course).

She mentioned my name on Kuwait TV and Marina FM

Before and after having my brain surgery she called me and told me some positive things such as "only geniuses suffer from this kind of diseases" trying to lift my spirit, she made me laugh although I wasn't really in a fun place to be, and during the surgery she talked to my father and he told her: "Bashar loves you so much, why don't you marry him?" LOLI also found a very touching article on her official website written about me with many sweet comments of people from all over the world.

And again we met in January 2010

And April 2010, when she came back to Kuwait.

In March 2010 I was a guest on a TV show starred by Latifa on MBC channel, It was one of the scariest experiences in my life

In 2011, I covered the event of launching the song Bokra / Tomorrow in Dubai with Latifa

When my father passed away in 2016 she was more supportive than most of my blood relatives

In 2017, she asked me to create lyric videos for the songs of her at the time upcoming album "Fresh" because she saw my graphics motion when I made one for the song "Ana Min Nah Winta Min Nah" few months earlier.

I started with the song "Fresh" and it got more than 1.8 million views in two weeks (you can see my logo and credits in the end).

The upcoming songs will be credited to my e-store (Animated by), which I made to promote Arabic as a language trying to end linking it to terrorism and fighting stereotyping Arabs and Muslims.

06 December 2006

Who is radiant guy? [radiant biography]

If you don't like reading you can watch this video to know me
إذا لا تحب القراءة تستطيع مشاهدة هذا الفيديو للتعرف علي

I already wrote some stuff about me in many sites/profiles such as flickr, hi5, Latifaonline, blogger, wikipedia...Etc
But I decided to blog everything about me (and keep updating it) then post the link in my profiles, since it will make it easier for me.

Now I'll write more about me in details, I know it's will make some people bored to death LOL
on the other hand others would like to know more about me...So there you go :D

Radiant ZOOM'N:I really hate it when people judge me on the way I look, I am more than what you can see through your eyes...
I am a guy who feels that no matter what I do I always could do better, no matter what I reach I would like to reach farther, I do not believe in borders, I would like to reach beyond the edge of infinity!
I have a great enthusiasm and ambition which sometimes I feel that my tiny mind can not tolerate it anymore.
I am this kind of guys who is thinking of a 6 zillion things while I am working on 11 billion others at the same time…Sometimes I feel that my life time won't be enough to fulfil everything I want, despite the fact if it's doable or not but others I get bored and do nothing at all!
I am trying to be perfect but I am just a regular human being.
I prefer to have 3 best friends than having a 1000 friend.
You might find tons of my self portraits but I am not self centered at all, it's just hard to find models around here plus it's my biography remember?

I've been told that I have a great sense of humor but you can't see that part of me unless I was comfortable with you or in a good mood since I am a moody guy.


Radiant Name:
Bashar Al-Ba'noon

Radiant Age:
25 but I always tell people that I am 12 LOL
D.O.B. 23rd of July 1982
Please make that our little secret...Hush :Pp~

Radiant Family:
Kuwaiti father and mother, I have 1 sister and 5 brothers (including one step brother); I am number 5 for my father and 4 for my mother.

Radiant colour/color:
I love all of them, I think they complete each others but that does not mean that I don't love one colour more than the others :Pp~
I always loved Green, I think baby Green and baby blue looks great together; don't they?

Radiant Hobbies:
I can not conclude all my hobbies but here is a short list:
Movies, Shopping, Science, Computers, Graphics/Photo editing, Photography, Music, Communication, Reading (depends on the mood), Painting (used to but not anymore), the beach, fashion, modeling (I don't think I am good looking but I like it because it's fun), Singing (That's doesn't mean I have great voice; a flying cat could cough and make prettier voice than mine), translating...I have many hobbies I can't recall them all now but I'll add them whenever I remember any.

Radiant Music/Singers:
I love music, powerful poetry, lyrics, beats and beautiful voices...I rarely listen to non Arab music but I do like few of them.
My favorite singers are:

- Latifa
- Asalah
- Thekra
- Sherine

- Angham
- Najwa Karam
- Diana Haddad
- Samira Said
- Elissa
- Maya Nasri- Rayan

- Baha'a Al Kafey
- Laila Ghofran
- Raja'a Belmaleeh
- Majida Al Roomi
- Dina Hayek
- Saber Rebai
- Adam
- Baha'a Sultan
- Micheline Khalifeh
- Madeleine Matar
- Guitara (Kuwaiti band)
- Nawal (The Kuwaiti one)
- Nora Rahhal
- Amal Maher
- Fadl Shaker (Has the warmest male voice)
- Assi Al Hallni
- Ahmad Al Huraibi (I love his voice)

- Dania (I adore her song Laily)
- Shiref Mekkawi

- Tarkan (Turkish singer, loved him since he released his English album "Come closer" in the year 2006)
- Ricky Martin (I like few of his songs)
- Thalia (I like few of her songs)

Radiant Movies:
Hello, my names is Bashar and I am a movies addict LOL
I love to watch movies alot, comedy, horror, suspense, sometimes drama, romance and rarley historical movies...I don't like to watch Arab nor Bollywood movies but sometimes I do.

Here is a list of my favorite movies:
V For Vendetta, Gothica, The exorcism of Emily Rose, Madagascar, Five Fingers, You've Got Mail, While you were sleeping, Sound of Music, Failure to Launch, A Time to Kill, Below, ace ventura, Mrs. doubtfire, She is the man, White Chicks, Charlie's Angels, My super ex-girlfriend, Saw 1,2 and 3, Miss Congeniality 1 & 2, Crash, Half light, The Holiday, Babel, The gurdian, The Devil wear Prada, Dream girls...And the list goes on (I'll add more of them as soon as I remmeber them).

Radiant Actress/Actors:
Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Cathrine Zeta Jones, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Hanks, Ryan Phillippe, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Hal Sparks, Gale Harold, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Peter Paige, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Queen Latifah, Jim Carry, Robin Williams,Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Christy Ally,Meg Ryan, Reese Witherspoon...Etc

Radiant Painting:
I always loved colours and painting but I quit painting longtime ago, currently I prefer computer graphics and photo editing.

Radiant Graphics:
I've been working in graphics since the year 1999 using PSP5 (Paint shop pro), it's a similar program to photoshop, then I used PSP8, PSP9, PSPX and now PSPXI.

Here is a list of my photo editing programs:
- Paint shop pro 5, 8, 9, X & XII
- Photomatix
- Mazaika
- Photoshop
- Picasa

Radiant Photography:
The greatest part of photography that you can show others the way you look to things :: Or you could say a photographer let people to see things through his own eyes!
I think photography and photo editing are parallel.

I started taking photos awhile ago but I didn't realise that I like it until recently...My first own camera was my old camera phone (Nokia 6230i), then I had my second camera phone (Nokia 7610) and that's when I realised that I have a thing for photography but I didn't notice it until someone saw my work and told me that I shouldn't waste my talent...That was in the year 2005.
Later I found out about, so I created my own account in July 2005 to post my stuff but I wasn't real active until October 2005.

In May 2006 I had my first digital camera Panasonic FX-01 which I drooped manytimes and that's why I had to wait for almost 2 months to be fixed LOL

I had tons of messages, comments and PMs from people telling me (Well...You are not a photographer because you post process your photos digitally).
I've never considered my self a professional, semi or a beginner photographer.
I call my self a PHOTOGRAFIXIST!
Yeah Yeah I know another new word created by me.

PHOTOGRAFIXIST = Photography + Graphics + Fixing + "ist"

My photography gadgets:
- Panasonic FX-01 (cheap point and shot camera)
- Sony Ericsson K800i (camera phone | sometimes when I don't have my camera I use it)
- Nokia 7610 (camera phone | I don't use it anymore)
I will get a DSLR as soon as possible (like one century soon LOL)

Radiant school is Cool, NOT LOL:
I graduated from high school in the year 2000, actually I had chickenpox at age 17 (that's when I started my fan site about Latifa) so I drooped course. I think I graduated in January 2001...Anyway after graduation I joined Kuwait universitly "Faculty of Science" to major in Computer Science but after 1 year and a half I QUIT when I found out that I hate programming more than cleaning my own room LOL
Anyway I looked for my options and my choices...I ended up studying Computer Science" anyway!
Like If it was my destiny :(
I was ment to learn programming, I have no idea why but at least now I like it more than cleaning my room LOL
So, I have "Computer Science" DIPLOMA....I am not sure If I am going to complete my studies but currently I am not thinking about it.

Radiant Latifa:
As I said earlier, I had chickenpox at age 17...So I had to stay home and that's when I thought to create my first site in the year 1999.
It was a fan site about Latifa the singer; it's could been about Thekra (may her soul rest on peace) or Asalah you can...Currently I work in Latifa's official site read more details about it here.


Radiant brands:
Energie and Primo Emporio are my favorite clothing labels.
Puma is my favorite foot wear brand
Google is my favorite company online, I can not express my love to google no matter how many times I said so, they are very creative.
Panasonic is my favorite electronics brand, I loved them since the day my father bought me one great Panasonic walkman in the year 1995, I don't hate Sony though but they are always my second choice.
Sony Ericsson is my favorite cell phone label, Nokia used to be my favorite one until I experienced my current camera phone Sony Ericsson K800i ;)
If one day I bought a digital SLR, it's would be a Nikon D80 or Canon 400D.

Radiant Cartoons:
- Al Sanafir aka The Smurfs
- Grendizer
- Sahib Al Thil Al Taweel
- Marocco LOL
- Tom & Jerry
- Hekayat Alamiyah
- Tamtoom Wo Abtal Al Rawdhah Al Khadra'a
- Mazinger Z
- Lahn Al Hayah aka Sound of Music
- Dexter's laboratory
- Salahif Al Ninja aka Ninja Turtles
- Voltron

Radiant lifetime shocks:
- Death of my uncle (mother's brother)
- Death of my grand mother (my mother's)
- Death of Sana'a Younis (the actress)

Radiant time:
Dawn is my favorite time during the day, I love how the dusk looks but I feel that someone is pressing against my chest during it. I don't know why.

Radiant perfume:

At the moment I own two blogs

I co-webmaster

I contribute in | The Free Encyclopedia.

Note. This post will be updated every now and then :)

I am out of English vocabulary so enough with the big words LOL
Bashar (aka radiant guy)

03 December 2006

I am losing it; Could someone help me finding my head?!

My God I have one gorgeous waist LOL
Ok I had to start with that joke :Pp~

Recently many stuff are going on...
Still waiting for my camera to be fixed :(

Photo taken by some one who used to be my best friend for 14 years, post processed by me, I even don't have enough time to explain what's going on with me...
Anyway I am doing fine, I hope you all do too :)


21 November 2006

FLICKR in Arabic [فلكر]

FLICKR in Arabic [فلكر]
Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
Recently I've been working on the Arabic edition of flickr in

When I saw a great flickr design by my friend Ali with great patterns in Pink and Blue. I had no idea how to create similar patterns but I was trying to manipulate the word flickr in Photoshop and I ended up with those patterns. I know it SUCKS but that UGLY thing above is my first attempt, so be gentle on me :">

Bashar AKA radiant guy

23 October 2006


Today I was surfing around some blogs around when I read a phrase written by a Kuwaiti girl. I've been thinking about it for awhile since I noticed that I lost many of my hobbies too because of the "computer madness/era". I used to do many things when I was younger but during the last 8+ years I had a great passion for the computer...At least I don't have to take a shower after using paint shop pro LOL

I did lose many years on silly chats and that's what I regret, I mean I don't hate chats at all but they shouldn't be the main reason for using your PC.

On the other hand I developed many computer related skills such as photography and photo editing.

01 October 2006

ATTENSION: Noses in cameras are larger than they appear!

Lately I've been in the "going blank" phase, but It's seems I am getting my mind back. I just started photo editing again (clearly I've been in the mood for that).

My brother traveled and took my digital camera with him. He own a DSLR yet he took my cheap point and shot baby :(

Anyway this photo of me was taken on 1st of June 2004 by my friend using my (very first) cameraphone (Nokia 6230i I think...Well I am not getting any younger LOL). Some parts of this photo was taken by my latest cameraphone (Sony Ericsson k800i).

This is one of my favorite shirts...There is a sad story about it (First of all you should know that I could be in love with everything including T-shirts lol)...

In the year 2004 or 2003 not sure, Dam*menopause :S) I took my laundry including a black shirt with the exact pattern on the right side of this photo above to be cleaned. The laundry was burned, they returned all my clothes without any scratch except my beloved t-shirt was burned :(
I couldn't buy similar one because that store only get very limited pieces of each design...Weeks passed and I found this shirt in the photo kinda similar to my late t-shirt.

I know it's a silly story and I wasted your time LOL
But it's a real story :D

23 September 2006

HAPPY RAMADHAN [Mobarak Alaikom Al Shahar]

Ramadhan (Ramadan) is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. It's when Muslims all over the world spend 30 days fasting and bettering themselves in principles of faith.

Muslims are also expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam by refraining from sexual intercourse (during fasting), violence, anger, envy, greed, lust, angry and sarcastic retorts, and gossip. People are meant to try to get along with each other better than they normally might. All obscene and irreligious sights and sounds are to be avoided. Purity of both thought and action is important. The fast is an exacting act of deep personal worship in which Muslims seek a raised level of closeness to God. The act of fasting is said to redirect the heart away from worldly activities, its purpose being to cleanse the inner soul and free it from harm.

Fasting during Ramadan is not obligatory for several groups for whom it would be excessively problematic. Children before the onset of puberty are not required to fast, though some do. However, if puberty is delayed, fasting becomes obligatory for males and females after a certain age. According to the Qur'an, if fasting would be dangerous to someone's health, such as a person with an illness or medical condition (this can include the elderly), that person is excused.

The reason Muslims fast is to discipline their body and mind. The absence of food and drink and other pleasures provides a perfect opportunity to concentrate on prayer and worship. Not having the luxuries of life to hand makes it easier to reflect on life and be grateful for what we do have. Muslims use this month to start afresh and give their life a new direction.

Read more at Wikipedia
Here is an idiotic Q&A about Ramadhan LOL

Photo was taken in Kuwait city, the capital.

19 September 2006


I finally did it...Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa :D
I've been thinking about it for awhile but I just keep postponing since I've been crowded lately, I finally did my first OBB :D
Usually people who makes OBBs uses a gradient back ground but I decided to add my personal touch with that grass, I am not a farmer though LOL
I would like to thank Serrator for his great ebook, also would like to thank destinelee for her support :)

21 July 2006


Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
If I was a singer, I would use that as my CD cover but you should be grateful that I don't have a good voice LOL

Bashar is my name (Arabic for The deliverer of good/great news).

18 February 2006


During the last two weeks I've been working almost 14 hours non stop on the official site of Latifa, and it's finally done!

You can see a snapshot of the index page designed by me of course I do NOT consider that as my best work.
At the time my right hand and my lower back really hurts because of the time I spent online :~ (

What's new about the new design?

- Different colors
- Almost all LATIFA's albums are available for downloading in MP3 format!
- More interactive site with more features such as RSS!
- More video files (Music videos, Concerts, TV Shows and others).
- The English version of the site finally!

09 January 2006

Farewell baby :(

Few days ago ;I found out that yahoo - Geocities - deleted my website because I had multiple accounts and for redirecting to another site.

My site was created on 9th of September 1999…
There were many articles in some newspapers and magazines about it, even some TV channels talked about it!
It's was kind of popular site, I had over 500 hits a day!
I spent 5 or 6 years developing it and updating it ; and now it's ALL GONE.
It's felt just like my own son, my sunshine.

Good bye baby!
Good bye son :(