12 September 2010

Dove's story

Dove's story

لاحظت وجود حمام يوقفون بدريشتي ساعات الصبح، فققررت أحسسهم بالراحة أكثر...
رحت شريت طاسه و كل يوم احط فيها ماي، لأن الحمام و القطاوه يكسرون خاطري احس ما عندهم مكان يشربون منه ماي خصوصاً ان احنا الجو عندنا نار..

الحين قمت اشوفهم كل يوم الصبح اييون ينطون بالدريشه، يقربون من طاسه الماي و يوقفون على طرفها، بعدين يشربون ماي و يطيرون و ساعات يظلون قاعدين حسب مزاجها بوقتها لوول

لاحظت ان الحمامه البيضا تنفض راسها بعد ما تشرب ماي، عشاج جذيه كله اكو قطرات ماي على دريشتي

I noticed those dove on my window every moring, they just pass by not sure why...Maybe to relax...So i decided to make them feel more as if they were home; that's why I got a bowl where I pour water everyday...I feel sorry for those birds and cats because it's hard to find drinkable water around here since the weather is super HOT.

Now, they land on my window; they get closer to the water and jump on the edge of the bowl; they have some water and take off...
I noticed that they white dove, shakes her head after having water; that's why I have those water drops on the glass :D


Mohammad said...

zain etsawi ... we have one for the cats and one day i saw them "mensad7een" around it under the palm ... it felt like finally finding an oasis..

radiantguy.com said...

ee basawi chethee 7g el cats ba3ad kl yom agol elyoom :D

Jason Trevino said...

Thoughtful blog thanks for sharing.