20 December 2009

Portable HD camera

Last September I decided to get The flip which is a portable HD camera, but I didn't get a water proof case because it was autumn and I thought that I wasn't going to travel so I didn't need it.
But I did go to Thailand, when I got there I looked for a water proof case for my flip camera but they never heard of it before...I was looking around and I found another Sanyo Xacti HD camera which is cabable of taking 9 mega pixels still photos and it was 1.5 meter water proof...Cool isn't it?

في شهر سبتمبر اللي طاف قررت اشتري كاميرة فلب هاي دفنشن، بس ما شريت لها غلاف ضد الماي لأن الوقت كان خريفي مو مال بحر و كنت حاط في بالي ماكو سفرة.
بس رحت تايلند، لما وصلت هناك دورت على كيس ضد الماي حق كامرتي بس عمرهم ما سمعوا في كاميرات فلب...حست هناك جان القى كاميرة سانيو زاكي ضد الماي متر و نص و 9 ميغا بكلسل للصور الفوتوغرافية.

Here is a video sample from Sanyo camera.
هذا فيديو من كاميرة سانيو.


Abdulwahab said...

LOVE your blog, mashallah you can truly express your personality in a special way =)

keep it up , i'm your latest follower hehe

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but i'm not blogging now cuz i'm working on a project which i talked about =)

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radiantguy.com said...

Thanks man I am flattered, been blogging since 2005 but I didn't get anywhere because I am the worst blogger ever :D

I accepted you in facebook but I didn't get the chance to check your flickr nor youtube but I will inshalla :)