15 September 2009

محطة أم العيش كانت محطة أولى من نوعها في الشرق الأوسط تم إفتتاحها في أواخر الستينات و تم تدميرها خلال الإحتلال العراقي للكويت، بعد الحرب تم إعادة بناء كل شئ ما عدا المحطة وقفت هناك في شمال الكويت كشاهد على الحرب.
كان الموقع متميز للمصورين خصوصاُ لتصوير حركة النجوم، حتى قررت وزارة الإعلام بيعها كخردة و تم تفكيكها مثل ما تشوفون في الفيديو تحت اللي صج خلاني اعصب
"Om Al Aish" used to be a one of a kind station in the middle east, was opened in the late 1960s and was destroyed during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.
After the war everything in Kuwait was rebuilt except that destroyed station was standing still there in the North of Kuwait as an evidence of the war.
That location was an amazing place for photographers for Kuwait, specially for starstrails photography since it was really dark over there (photos were taken by me of the station)
Ministry of Communication decided recently to sell it as junk and it was even broken into smaller parts as you can see below in the video which made me furious and sad.


Bojacob said...

That last image is amazing!

What was it actually used for though?

radiantguy.com said...

Thanks :D

You will need a dark location to perform this kind of photography.
There are two different methods of taking similar photos, the first one is a long exposure and the other way is forcing your camera to take different photos then use startrails application or PS to merge them all and that's what I did in the photo you are talking about.

I will write a tutorial someday about that :D