21 June 2008

Whatever the weather

Bad news kuwaities...2008 is probably going to break the record for
the dustiest year in the history of kuwait...until now 1979 holds the
record for 335 days per year!
Source: Marina FM, Nagham Al Sabah show.

Today i finally went to pay my phone bill in Wataniya's HQ
building...the only red building in Kuwait city and I guess its the
only red building in the world.
I usually pay it online through their website but the service is down
for the last 3 months so I had to move it and go to pay it before they
suspend it...the employee there told me the bill is 67 KD (around 210
USD) then asked me if its suspended and if I still can call people and
I replied: "Yes, and I came with my free will to pay the bill (she
laughed and I kept talking)...BTW what's wrong with your online
payment service, its been this way for 3 month or so..
She replied: "i don't know".

I still wonder who knows, perhaps spider man?



KTDP said...

I doubt that they do know. Your best bet is to call customer relations and ask.

Anonymous said...

Basharo0o0o who says that 1979 was such a dusty year? source please am doing a study about Kuwait and the Dust

radiantguy.com said...

KTDB...Yeah I think so, but it was funny :S

anonymous...Source: Marina FM, Nagham Al Sabah show.

Anonymous said...

We were able to survive some very very very dusty days this year. I think we'll be fine for the rest of the year :)
Enshalla we get some rain next winter.