24 January 2008

Take good care of me

My favorite song of Elissa 2008 album...No wonder because it was composed by Waleed Sa'ad...Most of his work is amazing if not all of it!

It's kinda similar to a song from her 2006 album "Law Bassaet Qoddamak".

The music arrangement of the song is amazing, those violins are making me melt!

Here is a montaged video I found on Youtube...Elissa is NOT in the clip but you can hear the song if you don't like to download the MP3

Song name: Khod Balak Alaya (Take good care of me) خذ بالك عليا
Album: Ayyami Beek أيامي بيك 2008
Song genre: Pop Music, slow tempo, Romance, Love
Singer: Elissa - إليسا
Lyrics by: Nader Abdullah - نادر عبدالله
Composed by: Waleed Sa'ad - وليد سعد
Arranged by: Hani Sibilini & Walid Mimna - هاني سيبليني و وليد ممنا
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

Take good care of me...This is not a tender way to treat me...
And keep in mind all the days I devoted my self to you

If only you could understand me and not take it granted...
A woman who has ached without revealing it...
This woman who has sacrificed and tolerated so much...
When she decides to walk away, she will not ask for your permission!

There were many missing things in you and I made them all perfect...
And I made the ugly parts of you pretty...
My love is an opportunity that you will regret if you lost it!

Who else will spend days worrying about you?
Who else will let you take her soul with you, if you decided to walk away?
Who else will you find whenever you need someone around?

خذ بالك عليا...دي مش معاملة تعاملني بيها
و إبقى إفتكر ليا...أيام تعبت عشانك فيها

يا ريتك بس تفهمني و ما تستهونش
دي وحدة تبقى مجروحة و ما بتبينش
دي الوحده قد ما تضحي و تستحمل...اول ما ما بتفكر تنسى ما بتستأذنش

كان في حاجات ناقصاك و أنا كملتها
و حاجات كتير مش حلوة فيك جملتها
أنا فرصة لو ضيعتها تزعل عليها

مين غيري عايشة تخاف عليك طول عمرها
مين غيري هتسيب روحها ليك لو سبتها
مين غيري لو تحتاجلها قوام هتلاقيها

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