17 January 2008

Me in the first Diplomats Hobbies Exhibition

It's the first exhibition I participate, I had a tiny place enough for 4 A4 size photos but I had more than 4 photos I wanted people to see, I wanted to post at least 2 night photo, 1 minimal, 1 abstract, 1 portrait, 1 landscape, 1 post processed photo...Etc :(
I printed 9 photos of 50 photos, it was a hard decision yet I had to choose 4 of them but I couldn't do it because they are all like my children, no one can choose from his own children, I gave them all to the Exhibition admins and they picked some of them randomly.

The minister of the Foreign Affairs Prince Mohammad Al Sabah was going to open the exhibition on 3rd of January 2008, but it was postponed to 7th of January 2008 because princesses Sabeeha Al Sabah passed away (may her soul rest in peace).

That gave me more time so I asked some co-workers to help me pick 4 photos of the 9 and they made me more confused :S

The exhibition was postponed again to unspecified date because the minister was busy all week.

On Thursday 11th night on my way home, I had an idea to solve the photos problem WoohooooOo :D
I bought a 10" digital photo frame and problem was solved.

On 13th of January 2008 around 10 A.M., I had a phone call telling me that the minister of foreign affairs Prince Mohammed Al Sabah and the Iraqi minister of foreign affairs Hoshyar Zebari are going to open the exhibition so I have to be there in case they wondered about any of my photos...I know some people are now curious but I am not going to answer that question now :Pp

It was on a short notice so they didn't have enough time to call press, they only contact one person from KUNA (Kuwait News Agency similar to Reuters) and a photographer and "videographer" of the minister's department.
Next day there was a tiny article without any photos and it made me frustrated :(
I decided not to participate in any other exhibition in the future at the time.

On Wednesday the media came but I couldn't make it because someone called me using my brother's cellphone and said "The owner of this phone was transferred to the hospital by an ambulance", can I get any luckier?
I really wanted to be on the cover of "Foreign Policy", "Oprah", "Newsweek" and "Laha" magazine LOL
I am going to sue my brother for that LOL

UPDATE (6th of Februalry 2008) I've changed my mind about it, I like that exhibition despite the media thing :D

A link from KUNA about the event.


Noor said...

LOL yeah sue him, '9ayya3 3alaik for9at el-3omer!

Anyways, ma yshoof shar.

radiantguy.com said...

el shr ma eyeech :\