07 February 2007

Flying to Dubai; could some open the window please?!

Hey people of Dubai, put your shades on because RADIANT GUY is coming...Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaa

Now I have to pack my laptop, Behave during my absence or I'll kick you all when I am back :Pp~
See you flickrists in a week, If you missed me (and I know nobody cares LOL) just view my photo stream :D

Current location : Kuwait airport


Fall In Line.... said...

Hey...Added you to my RSS reader...can't wait to read your thoughts on Dubai and your adventures here..!!

Oh..by the way Flickr is blocked in Dubai...!!!


Qa6Wa said...

dun 4get to get me sumthin nice n cute :P

radiantguy.com said...

yes I know it's blocked in UAE :D
I am trying to arrange my photos from my Dubai travel, my pc is crowded.

BLaSha...embala ybtlch be'9at na3ama LOL