01 October 2006

ATTENSION: Noses in cameras are larger than they appear!

Lately I've been in the "going blank" phase, but It's seems I am getting my mind back. I just started photo editing again (clearly I've been in the mood for that).

My brother traveled and took my digital camera with him. He own a DSLR yet he took my cheap point and shot baby :(

Anyway this photo of me was taken on 1st of June 2004 by my friend using my (very first) cameraphone (Nokia 6230i I think...Well I am not getting any younger LOL). Some parts of this photo was taken by my latest cameraphone (Sony Ericsson k800i).

This is one of my favorite shirts...There is a sad story about it (First of all you should know that I could be in love with everything including T-shirts lol)...

In the year 2004 or 2003 not sure, Dam*menopause :S) I took my laundry including a black shirt with the exact pattern on the right side of this photo above to be cleaned. The laundry was burned, they returned all my clothes without any scratch except my beloved t-shirt was burned :(
I couldn't buy similar one because that store only get very limited pieces of each design...Weeks passed and I found this shirt in the photo kinda similar to my late t-shirt.

I know it's a silly story and I wasted your time LOL
But it's a real story :D

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